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KOKOMO, IN 46904

St. Vincent Kokomo is a critical access hospital with many specialized medical services, including sleep disorders, joint success, cancer and heart care.

St Vincent Kokomo is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Howard County, IN.

St Vincent Kokomo does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Vincent Kokomo is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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this was a great ER at one point but it is not worth anything anymore. i was looked at as a problem and not a patient. i was put in a bed in a hallway and then told to move to a chair in the hallway so that someone else could have the bed. I had a long and uncomfortable wait time, huge bill, a no answers to why I am sick. St Vincent did this hospital no favors in aquiring it because before the aquisition this was a GREAT hospital. (in the last week)

Worst hospital in the world. They don't care about their patients. At all. The er department is the biggest joke of them all. They sit you in a chair in a hallway with other patients, no privacy, they don't take the time out to listen to you, and as far as treatment....its a waste of time. I'm telling you, save yourself and go to another hospital. (3 weeks ago)

My wife went into labor with our second child Friday night. She was scheduled for induction Saturday evening. She called her Dr and told her we were on our way to the hospital, a 20 minute drive for us. We arrived at the hospital at 11pm and got checked in. We got up to the birthing center around a quarter after. Her contractions were about 8-10 minutes apart upon arrival. Instead of treating it like the active labor it was they took their sweet time. She arrived 1cm dilated, one hour later she was 3cm. Half an hour went by while her contractions were growing in strength. They checked her again and she was at 8cm. You would think by now they would be set up and ready already receiving the call we were coming. But no, this is when they just make the call to the ob. It wasn't 15 minutes and she was in full on labor. Still no dr, still nothing set up and ready for the delivery. They ended up having to call an er Dr up just in case. They screwed around so long they didn't even have time to give her an epidural or anything. Our son was born at 1:16am saturday the 2nd of September. It was almost 8hrs before we even knew his weight or his size. The night shift nurses were very attentive and did what they could per instructions they were given, but the day shift was absolutely terrible. Very rude to even our 6 year old son. Or first child was born at dukes in peru, which is not a great hospital in my opinion anyways, but it was a 1000x better experience than this place. The Dr on call was actually in the building ready to go at the moments notice, as well as everything was set up and ready to go. I would only recommend this place as a last resort to deliver a baby. I could not believe how unorganized they were. (6 months ago)

Close to home, very convienient. Doctors and staff were very friendly to me! (11 months ago)

Good staff, variety of services in one place, it can be a maze to get around. Parking is much better than most hospitals. (a year ago)

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