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2001 W 86TH ST, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46260
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2001 W 86TH ST

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St Vincent Hospital & Health Services is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Marion County, IN.

St Vincent Hospital & Health Services does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Vincent Hospital & Health Services is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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The nurses in the out patient surgery door 3 were an absolute dream. They offered a special kind of caring to my mother that is so rare these days. No one rushed us, they listened to all my mother's concerns before and after her surgery. These nurses are THE BEST🤗🤗🤗 Dr. Copeland was one of the warmest doctors. She was clear in what happened during surgery and waited patiently while I asked my questions concerning my mother's after care. Moms first name starts with Car..... (3 weeks ago)


Worst Hospital in Indianapolis. My father was sent to St Vincents from a rural Hosiptal. The ER staff very rude. 4 doctors game in and did all the same test. So insurance will be billed for the same visits. I contacted client relations experience to complain about many issues. Not one person has returned a phone call. Thankfully I got my dad out of there and he is home progressing great. Had he stayed at St. Vincents, they would have left him in bed and feed him pain meds, of which he didn't need and is not taking at home.also killed my sister She is dead and sent her bill to collection. Evil hospital (in the last week)

Took my mom in for a UTI, she left in a near vegetative state. I have little hope of her recovery. I would think twice before entering the doors to this hospital. I do realize the complexities and nuances of running a hospital. However, this hospital's lack of interdepartmental communication and inability to listen to those who know her best is what put us here. My mothers current state of being is on St. Vincent's hands. My mother is not a number or just a chart, she is a human being with emotions. Not all humans are the same. This hospital could use a lesson in not treating each person and each case as if averages only apply. Those rare cases do exist and if you don't catch it, you can kill someone. You almost did. You are not robots, please think outside of the norm. Maybe if you all would have kept that in mind, my mother and my family wouldn't be in this predicament. Hey Neurologists of St. Vincent, when family members who are frightened are asking questions, it may be best to not keep your eyes on the nearest exit or tell them "do you have any more questions cause I've been paged 3 times." I realize you're busy and you dont have time for us imbeciles and that your brains work quite a bit different than the rest of us. I also appreciate the work you've put into your education and career, but you still put your pants on the same way us peasants do, one leg at a time. Get over yourselves and take note of how the nurses, techs, and primary docs of this hospital treat their patients: with kindness and compassion. Bedside manners are important. The St. Vincent employee morale is low. The overlords of the hospital need to work on that. You shouldn't be taking away perks from the lifeline of your hospital; nurses and techs. Taking away a little discount at the cafeteria isn't gonna get you those properties up north much faster. On a side note, those silly phones are more of a pain than their worth, none of your nurses like them. Just putting that out there. And for gods sake, dump some money into your plumbing. Your people can't do their job properly without this basic necessity. This hospital almost killed one closest to me and she is now silently screaming from a distance lost within the vast desert of her brain. I hope I can get her back. And while I appreciate you guys admitting where you made mistakes, your superficial acknowledgement without an apology or any attempt to make amends is insulting. I will never be back to this hospital. I am cancelling all of my mothers, my children's and my appointments with any St. Vincent provider and will never use you again. Not that it really matters cause you're still getting paid and I'm just a little peon in your giant medical kingdom. (a month ago)

Horrible horrible horrible. ER was a joke. I was kept for countless hours in a room without seeing a nurse or Dr. Doctor finally comes in and terms me there is nothing they can do for me and releases me. Went in earlier that week and they tried charging me double for everything. Twice for CT scans, twice for MRI scans. I finally got in writing a later that said they finally took care of it months later yet I still received the same double bill. Called in and they said they have no records of this. Lol I have your letter right here st Vincent but they won in the end. They will wear you out until its just not worth it to keep fighting for your money. I'll never be back here. I would rather make an hour trip to a hospital that doesn't operate like this. (a week ago)

Went here this Monday evening. Boyfriend was in crippling pain due to kidney stone. The ER had no care what so ever about him when he admitted in. No priority on people that show. After 2 hours of waiting and the poor man is nearly crying they take us back to a filthy room 7. Some very pissed off RN nurse comes in and take basic info. Leaves and we sit for another 2 hours while he starts screaming. I quickly go out of my room to seek help and two men sitting at the station disregarded me and my boyfriends needs and said they will get to us soon. We decided to leave after waiting another 45 minutes. I drove 21 minutes north with a man screaming in pain to community north. It took a total of 15 minutes to get him in and finally medication. At this point he was bleeding. Thanks for all the hell and we won't be paying for a bill for sitting and waiting on help that wouldn't come. I will be telling everyone I know how horrible you guys are for ER treatments. (a month ago)

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