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1600 23RD ST, BEDFORD, IN 47421
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1600 23RD ST


St Vincent Dunn Hospital Inc is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Lawrence County, IN.

St Vincent Dunn Hospital Inc does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

St Vincent Dunn Hospital Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Worst ER experience of my life! Arrived at 6am. Checked in with the woman at the front who told me I looked as though I have a kidney stone. Process took way too long for me being the only patient in the ER. Was told to walk myself into my room! Waited 5 minutes before 2 nurses came in. I was really hot and asked them if I could take my arm out of my sleeve before taking my blood pressure and she told me no. She had me stand up to take my blood pressure but wouldn’t help me stand even though I came in with severe dizziness. Same nurse came back in a few minutes later to draw blood, start an iv and to give me a medicine. I refused the medicine so she left the room without performing the other tasks. Doctor came in and said the nurse said I refused all orders! No, I did not! Said nurse came back in to perform blood draw & iv. Took her 2 tries before the other nurse had to stick me in my hand (I have never had that happen). 30 minutes passed without getting checked on. A new nurse comes in and says I have to pee. Ok, I can. I need help getting to the bathroom. (Still dizzy) he says to me “why are you walking like you’re a 90 year old woman?” Excuse me?! The customer service at this hospital through the ER is terrible! The nurses did not act like they cared how I was feeling, hence maybe why they never came to check on me and ask how I was doing. I will NEVER come back here! (5 months ago)

I had a c-section with my son here, and had to visit multiple times for emergencies throughout my pregnancy. They were very good about making sure I got the proper care for each visit, and after the birth they were wonderful about letting me take as long as I needed to heal and provided me whatever I needed. The bed was pretty awful though, but they said they were getting new ones in the future months...I will say that on two other ER visits (when I wasn't pregnant), I was not as impressed, as they seemed rude and uncaring then. They treated my 2 year-old son's head injury very lightly as if it was nothing and unimportant (meanwhile he had a HUGE knot and his head and blood coming out of his nose). They just kept jokingly referring to it as "a goose-bump" and showed no urgency. On the other occasion, they were rude to me and treated me like I was a joke when I had to come in for myself. Because of those visits, I have to go with 3 stars. (3 months ago)

Need an independent lab. Waited 20 minutes for a simple blood test. Just the check in! (2 months ago)

Lots of construction and improvements going on inside! Small hospital with caring staff. (3 weeks ago)

I delivered my baby here and it was the best experience possible for my situation! The nurses were kind and caring, they treated me with empathy and compassion. Even the ladies delivering my meals, went out of their way to wait on me and showed genuine enjoyment in making me a satisfactory, customized order. The ladies cleaning my room were sweet and considerate, keeping up with my room wonderfully. Dr. Main and Dr. Boerner are truly caring, compassionate physicians; together they made the birth of my daughter and my first month post pardom a positively life changing experience. I highly recommend them, as well as St. Vincent Dunn Obstetrics/Delivery Departments. (7 months ago)

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