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Photo: Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican, Siena Campus

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Our mission is to provide quality health care to the people of Central Alameda County with respect, compassion and professionalism. We work in partnership with our ...

St Rose Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Alameda County, CA.

St Rose Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Rose Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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If you ever have an emergency go elsewhere. The most unorganized emergency department I have ever seen. Rude rude rude front reception. Triage is ridiculous if that's what you even call it. And since when can you or should you triage patients in front of everyone else waiting? Privacy much? Check in...wait an hour...EKG....wait an hour....blood work....wait an hour...urine sample....wait an hour. Admitted....wait 3 hours. See an actual doctor..4 hours. I understand everyone feels they are more important than the others waiting but that's not even the case here. It almost seems they do it on purpose as they sit there laughing amongst eachother and ignoring everyone. Growing up in Vegas I always thought these campuses were the best...not the case anymore. Drive a few more miles and get better care somewhere else...thank me later. (in the last week)

Came in at 10:30 PM for a friend who was vomiting blood after weeks of being sick. Take us back, do one test and then vanish for 45 minutes, come back for another test for 5 minutes, then vanish again. Come back with a mediocre update, vanish again. We sat here for hours with no contact. Tried asking for help and the lady we spoke to didn't even know anyone was in our room number. Said she'd check, never came back. Totally new person shows up to say "You should be fine" and then sends us on our way, now at about 5:30 AM. (a month ago)


We went in for an Emergency Room visit and at first the facility seemed nice until we got into the room and the bed had dirty sheets. Most of the staff was rude from the front desk to the nurses. They were dismissive of our concerns and did not want to listen. We were told that an IV would be administered and tests would be done but they didn't do ANYTHING. Literally we just laid in a dirty bed for hours just to go home. The doctor did not want to run tests because he thought it was unnecessary even after we specifically asked for it to be done. We never even spoke to the doctor. The nurse told the NP who told the doctor who then told the NP who told the nurse who spoke to us. We left with nothing but a bill. The only pleasant person was the woman registering and taking our insurance info in the room. Other than that it was a disappointing experience. đź‘Ž (a month ago)

It seems normal to have people in the ER waiting room for more than 8 hours. No one can give you any kind of reasonable time estimate. Nobody should be the ER that long unless they are waiting on a bed. Worst ER experience in my life. (a week ago)

My Mom came here after calling an ambulance because she was in so much excruciating pain she physically could not move or get out of bed. She waited in the waiting room for around two hours before being “admitted”. I put that in quotes because they didn’t even give her the dignity of a room, she was out in the hallway next to the nurses’ center. They did some tests and the doctor came back and told her, with me present, that she had stage IV metastatic lung cancer. They provided no medication or treatment for her cancer, only referring her to a hospice service so she could die at home. In the eternity it took them to do the referal my Mom needed to use the restroom. I called over three separate nurses until one finally agreed to help. He unhooked her IV and then walked away. Remember, she was in so much pain she needed to call an ambulance to get out of bed. They didn’t even suggest providing a wheelchair for her. I had to physically brace her as she clung to the wall inching her way toward the bathroom in unimaginable pain. Once again denying dignity to the woman I know most deserving of it. I also had to assist her in physically using the bathroom. Then when she was finished we repeated the slow and humiliating process to get her back into her hallway bed. I am shocked and disgusted that they have the audacity to call themselves “Dignity” Health. The only reason she died in dignity was due to the tireless work of the hospice, Nathan Adelson Hospice. I would rather die in Nathan Adelson’s care than live in Dignity Health’s. At least they did marginally better at the actual job of diagnosing than their satellite campus, Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican Blue Diamond Campus. She went there the week before this and they diagnosed her with rheumatoid arthritis and sent her home. The entire Dignity Health system is a joke. (2 weeks ago)

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