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410 W 16TH AVE, TYNDALL, SD 57066
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410 W 16TH AVE

Get innovative, top-quality, complete health care services for southeastern South Dakota at St. Michael's Hospital Avera in Tyndall, SD.

St Michael's Hospital - Cah is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Bon Homme County, SD.

St Michael's Hospital - Cah does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Michael's Hospital - Cah is a government - local hospital.

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By far this was the worst hospital I have ever attended The nurses and literally just sit there No one will go out of the way for you even if you immobile No one cleaned the bathroom for 2 days. I had to explain that it was a liability issue if I were to fall because I was walking down the hall to another Wing to use the bathroom because mine was unbearable The food is atrocious It's not nutritional at all if anything it's more damaging to your health When asking for alternative such as gluten-free /vegan they looked at me like I had three heads The hospital also send something to the ministry which had my license revoked I would have been able to understand if I was in the same condition I had entered the hospital But I was not. I was completely Mobile by the time I checked out and was moving a lot more than the nurses My own neurologist was in shock that this happened. The nurses are blank faced and desensitized to all situations. They will not help unless you're about to cause a scene. Otherwise you'll be lying there with a ringing Bell until your ears bleed. Also I found that I would be reminding them about medication rather than them just doing their job and being on schedule. My particular floor and unit was not busy. Also I had gone into an argument with the nurses about me wanting to take Natural melatonin as opposed to a sleeping pill. This boggles my mind till this day. Was it because they were unable to bill ohip for the medication? All in all I feel sorry for you if you have to be admitted into this particular Hospital (a week ago)

I called in today to inform that our family doctor is not available and we have an appointment booked with the hospital at end of May. It's an emergency as my wife needs some assistance. The lady at the reception started explaining why she cannot see us. I requested this is our first time and we would appreciate if you can help. once again she started wasting time and said go to emergency. Asked her what emergency? she said any emergency. Requested again to explain what any emergency mean and she once again started telling me their hospital policies. Does she not understand that when one is panicking and asking for help she needs to be more precise and could tell me that we can visit St. Michael's hospital and go to emergency. She needs to be trained. (2 months ago)

I am editing my initial review, as I believe the customer service I had during my initial appointments was a one off and not reflective of the customer service at this hospital. I had to go to emergency last night and get my throat drained/ incision. I cannot believe HOW amazing the nursing staff and doctors were. Yes it was about a 3 hour wait on Saturday night but it all moved quickly and I was out of there in 5 hours surgery* and prescriptions in hand. The emergency nursing staff deserves a major kudos as they deal with a lot of people and some are not so kind (yelling and swearing at the nurses) as I experienced in my time there. It is an inner city hospital- so don’t expect it to be fancy and brand new. They do have all the equipment and fantastic care. The patient care staff at this hospital has always been completely amazing and so welcoming and compassionate, they put their patients first !! So kudos to that. (2 months ago)

This was an absolutely positive experience. My husband had eye surgery with Dr Berger. It could not have been better. Everyone on the team was kind and efficient. We feel very fortunate. They were the best. (3 months ago)

One of the worst experiences visiting a hospital. Was visiting toronto and had a Q tip stuck in my ear. It took me almost 5hours to finally see a doctor for a five mins procedure, and another hour or 2 just for blood work. I had to leave even before getting it done cause I have spent half my day there. Most of the nurses etc are still being trained and have no in-depth experience or knowledge of what to do. I wish I just went into a walk in clinic nearby but I was unsure if they had the right tools. So you’re welcome to go there if you have all day to spend. Cheers (2 months ago)

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