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367 Clear Creek Parkway • Lavonia, GA 30553. St. Mary's Sacred Heart Hospital and Legacy Link Area Agency on Aging are teaming up to hold a six-week workshop designed to help people with chronic health conditions live full, active lives.

St Mary's Sacred Heart Hospital, Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Franklin County, GA.

St Mary's Sacred Heart Hospital, Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Mary's Sacred Heart Hospital, Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I had an ER visit for a badly sprained ankle. Staff was very friendly, helpful and our visit was quick. Minus one star for not ordering crutches. I was very swollen and in pain, could not walk. I asked for crutches, and they did give them to me. Update: I have a badly torn retinaculum and peroneous tendon, and cannot put weight on my foot for at least three weeks, needs to be immobilized for at least 2 months. My sprain is very bad, ankle and foot was very swollen that day...seriously. I still can't believe they expected me to hobble out of there. (3 weeks ago)

Best hospital that I have been too!! Been here twice and they have showed me great love and respect if i ever get sick again. This is the hospital that I would return bak too!! The doctor NATHANIEL was very respectful. :) (4 weeks ago)

They charged me $600 to wash my kid's face off in a sink. I washed my kid's face myself. Not the doctor. Had to pay it off in installments after being told that they probably wouldn't charge me anything since they literally did nothing for her. I will never take my child or any family members here ever again. I'll drive 45 minutes to Athens. (3 months ago)

I recently brought my 8 year old daughter to this emergency room, as she’s been suffering from severe N/V/D for the past two weeks. She’s lost a considerable amount of weight, and I was very surprised, disgusted and disappointed with the lack of professionalism or care from this facility. I have noticed far more negligence by the medical community over the past two years, especially in the southeast, than ever before in my life. Granted; ER staff in general handle traumas, and obviously oftentime dire emergencies but on this day in particular, we were three of five visitors, and the other two were being seen for a patient’s glucose instability/hypoglycemic episode. Most of the staff on this day was busy ordering lunch or, on the Internet- and even with my daughter sitting on the table with an irregular heart rate, unstable blood pressure and OBVIOUS dehydration, was offered absolutely NOTHING. I had to beg for a stool sample culture at minimum to be performed- where I am told that even if it were to come back as positive for Salmonella, Giardia, e. Coli, that they would do nothing and let nature run its course. She is skin and bones right now from whatever is happening to her body!! My son became very ill last year from contracting E. coli from a resort swimming pool while on vacation, and did NOT recover until he was administered an antibiotic. Two weeks now after contracting this mystery illness- my daughter is still experiencing severe abdominal pain as well as incessant diarrhea and I am told when I call to see WHY tests were not done, for bacterial infections or staph, (they already tested for Flu, which was negative so I do not understand WHY they didn’t take any further steps to diagnose..) ‘yes ma’am, we understand and we’re sorry about that’..but still. Nothing is offered to actually diagnose this issue and she is still very ill. They won’t even tell me whether the stool sample culture is negative or positive. In all my years dealing with medical professionals, this staff does not have it together. They can’t seem to distinguish the difference between their policies, how sending a simple factual test result, via email or a patient portal, reading the result over the phone is completely irrelevant to giving medical advice telephonically.. it is ridiculous! Last year I suffered from a Vertebral Artery Dissection and it took going to Three hospitals and eventually having a stroke and almost dying, to diagnose me. (Virginia is the place to go for exceptional medical care.) ER’s in general like to use ‘migraine headaches’ and ‘stomach flu’ as a catch basin for everything unless you are in cardiac arrest. Even then, they’ll discharge many patients with an ‘anxiety attack’ diagnosis and mask the underlying issue rather than actually trying to treat the source. Population control, maybe?? I don’t know if there was a Georgia hospital memo that was sent out recently, to not give patients anything to help them recover, or administer any tests, or what, but I can definitely see why this hospital has only 2 Stars. And I plan to take all of our records to the local news station, as well as contacting FOX regarding the lack of ethics and professionalism, of following standards and the vows that medical professionals supposedly take before they begin their work in this field in the hopes of ‘helping people’ .. some help they’ve been! (4 weeks ago)

If zero stars were an option, that is what I would give this joke of an emergency room. The staff has been rude and cold toward my six year old son. I would administer home care before EVER returning here with any family member or friend. They need to remember when someone, especially a young child, is seeking help, they are already vulnerable and often afraid. These people are a major part of the problem in seeking treatment for mental illness, and maybe if less of them practiced, we would see less mass shootings and more individuals seeking proper treatment. (2 months ago)

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