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St Mary's Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cabell County, WV.

St Mary's Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Mary's Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Not a good hospital to deliver a baby. My water broke around the time the nurses were changing shifts in the morning. Contractions started pretty fast. Called them 7 times within 25 min, no one really cared. When someone finally came bringing an attitude because, excuse me, my delivery was interrupting their rapport, they had no idea my water already broke (which was my very first call). I honestly thought I will deliver all by myself. When a nurse finally came, she started getting the room ready in a panic. When I told her the baby is coming, she screamed from the room that she needs help because I was delivering, so another nurse made it just in time to catch the baby. So unless you can accommodate their schedule and hold off labor and delivery, find another hospital. Once I had the baby, we were transferred in a room resembling a cheap motel. The anthill behind the faucet in the bathroom was a bonus. The nurses there were caring, but they had to call up to 10 times to assure our food will be delivered. They were bringing me diabetic food, which was not necessary, then a very nice guy would stop by and bring me pastries. Makes no sense, but the pastries were good. Then I had to meet the lactation consultant, who left me her number if I have questions. I had questions the next day and the consultant was nowhere to be found, voice mail all day long. At some point the nurse helped me and brought a different consultant in. Long story short, do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. (2 weeks ago)

A month ago, I left a negative review on an experience I had at St.Mary's but felt everyone should know that while an occasional negative experience happens, I would never take my daughter or myself anywhere else! This hospital is remarkable! We have been coming for over 15 years! I have a medically fragile daughter and they have consistently provided top notch care! Absolutely love the PICU team and Kids ER and we are slowly navigating Adult ER (which is where the negative experience occurred). You won't find a better hospital anywhere! Knowledgeable, skilled, and caring! So very thankful for them! (4 months ago)

Amazing Drs. Most of the nurses make my stay a pleasant one however there are nurses that lack concern, compassion and care. I actually overheard a nurse screaming at an elder patient and I found myself having to interven as she was screaming right outside my door! The icing on the cake was when i had a bloody IV and threw up in the sink and trashcan. When i called my nurse, she advised me that she would be back because she was too busy and disappeared. After an hour, I realized she would not be back and I got myself out bed and cleaned the sink and took out the trash myself. Another instance is when I was in severe pain due to a radiation wound and had to wait 30 minutes and that's only because I walked to the front desk and demanded to speak to the director. Also, If you show any fustation or anger, be prepared for them to threaten security. I believe all of this is due to the lack of concern shown by the director of this hospital. She is less concerned with issues that pertain to patients because she is "too busy" (per our conversation). You will find amazing people like Steve who is such a positive and caring being. He is personable and will sit even just to listen and conjure up ways to make your stay a pleasant one. I actually look forward to his visits every morning. Also, word of advice DO NOT bring your electrical devices unless you are prepared for it to go missing and having security and the director avoid you as to how they may help you get it back! Leave personal and expensive items home! I will not disclose my multiple troubling experiences as i would not wish to disclose the names of the staff members on here, however I do intend on making my complaints known to avoid it from happening to someone else. (in the last week)

Dear lord Jesus DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stress this enough!! The staff is EXTREMELY unprofessional. Whom ever they have in charge of billing and registration when you come into the hospital is completely incapable of doing their job! My boyfriend went here because of an allergic reaction and we let them know from the MOMENT we walked in there that he was TYPE ONE DIABETIC. Not ONCE did they check his blood sugar. And I had to remind them SEVERAL times that he was diabetic because they tried to give him steroids that would make his blood sugar skyrocket (on top of never checking his blood sugar to begin with) and then when he was billed they sent him a bill as “out of network” (which it wasn’t) for $500 and some change and his insurance sent him a bill for $700. Then they claimed they never had insurance information on him saying he said he didn’t have insurance which he gave them insurance information before they even slapped the hospital bracelet on did they bill him for out of network THROUGH HIS INSURANCE if he “didn’t have insurance”? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This is the worst hospital both he and I have EVER been to! Do not go here unless you want to die or have nothing but the biggest headache in the world trying to deal with these people!! How is this place still in business?! TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2 months ago)

This is the last place i will ever go to when my kids are not feeling well. They didn't even have a private room for my son and it took over 5 hours to see the doctor and they had a hallway full of sick kids on beds they need to do better and treat the kids better never coming back (3 weeks ago)

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