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18300 HIGHWAY 18, APPLE VALLEY, CA 92307
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18300 HIGHWAY 18

For over 50 years, St. Mary Medical Center has been proud to serve High Desert communities - a medical innovator looking to improve the health and life of others.

St Mary Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Bernardino County, CA.

St Mary Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Mary Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Hospitals do not get any better than this! My mother had very risky heart surgery at St. Mary in 2014. She had the option to go to Philadelphia but she chose St. Mary because it was closer to home. Her outcome was so good that even the surgeon was impressed. People here are very friendly and helpful...right down to the guy mopping the floor. If you need quality care...YOU NEED TO COME HERE! (in the last week)

My husband and I were away for the weekend from NY to PA. He had a bad cough for a while but it got worst very fast. It was scary being away from home and Our Doctor. We found St Mary’s Hospital and were beyond relieved with this hospital. The doctors, nurses, PA, etc were amazing; they were kind, efficient, fast and made us feel so comfortable to be in such capable hands. He was quickly diagnosed with pneumonia and was treated immediately! I wish we could thank everyone individually, but instead a huge Thank you to all! (2 months ago)

IF YOU CAN, go to another hospital. It's a nice place, but MRSA is easy to catch. I got it, the last time I was here. My doctor said it is common to catch from St. Mary's Hospital. They dust mop allot, I don't think that helps. Also, I've caught parasites here: head-lice, plus a completely different kind of head-lice then the common Nitts, I got other things - one parasite hid in cracks on the body, another I don't want to mention. I got these from, can you believe it, from Ultra-sound tests, the ER and staying over-night. IT MAKES ME SICK!!!! To get rid of parasites easily, I got rid of these, by using "Dawn Dish Washing Liquid". Good for killing fleas on dogs, too. (a month ago)

The only thing I can say that was good was the phlebotomist who drew blood from my fiancé for labs, he was awesome. The rest of the staff and experience SUCKED. I brought my fiancé to the Emergency Room at Saint Mary Hospital when she wasn't showing signs of improvement over 3 days. Nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, dizziness, and feeling weak. We get there, and from the start it was a horrible experience. She explained to the triage intake nurse what her symptoms were, and that she hasn't had her cycle in three months. Loudly and rudely she was asked in front of everyone if she was pregnant, had she ever been pregnant, and does she even know what that feels like. Sat for nearly 2 hours while patients that came in with minimal issues were seen first. Sat for four hours in the ER to have a pregnancy test done (results were never given to us) labs drawn, tested, and get a chest X-ray to be told "she has some kind of viral infection, but we're not sure what it is." What use is your "state of the art facility and staff" when you are incapable of diagnosing a patient. "It's your health, expect more"... That's false advertising. We followed up with her primary care physician 3 days later to find out they NEVER DID THE PREGNANCY TEST BECAUSE THERE WAS NO RECORD OF IT WHEN THE DOCTOR CALLED! How the f#@k do you perform a chest x-ray on a patient who is exhibiting the biggest clue to a pregnancy of NO MENSTRUATION IN 3 MONTHS WITHOUT TESTING FOR PREGNANCY FIRST!?!? Great job with being careless and reckless with someone who wain your care Saint Mary ER staff! You're scumbags. We would rather die enroute to a different facility than EVER come to your pathetic hospital again. (a week ago)

This is the best medical service that I have ever received in America. Thank you for the fact that the birth of my daughter was in excellent conditions with excellent medical workers! (a month ago)

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