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CHI St. Luke's Health-The Woodlands Hospital offers leading-edge treatments and services to the North Harris and Montgomery County community.

St Luke's The Woodlands Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Montgomery County, TX.

St Luke's The Woodlands Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Luke's The Woodlands Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I have been a patient advocate for multiple trips to this hospital! A nurse actually had the nerve to tell me that ordering food was like room service! I laughed Because you could wait 30 minutes on the phone and never even talk to anyone! The staff will tell you it’s the same thing for them! Room service, HARDLY! Absolutely incredible! I had to go out into the nurses station three times during the night because no one responded to the button! The hospital doctor never does what he supposed to and the first time we left, the number on his information was not even a working number. He gave us two of the three needed prescriptions and I had to call his office for three days to get it done! I could write a book! So very disappointing that a medical facility can do the same kind of half a$$ job as McDonald’s Only this time it’s someone’s life not their lunch! (a week ago)

I came here today because my daughter is having emergency surgery. The custodians had two entrances blocked with caution tape. They also had the elevators for the OPerating waiting room blocked. This is the only way to the OR waiting room. I went under the tape to get to the elevator and the custodian very rudely asked me if I could read English. I just ignored him and went into the elevator because I was worried about my daughter. I understand that he needs to clean the floors but it is not right to block the only entrance to the OR waiting room. Couldn’t he clean one side and then the other so that at least one elevator is accessible. I saw him be rude to other people. I would think he understands that he works in a hospital and that if people are having surgery on a holiday that it must be serious. He was out of line. (a month ago)


Only go here if you wanna die. What a horrible place. We fought to get our relative transferred away from this place due to lack of assistance and just injecting medication. Finally we were able to transfer. When we arrived at the hospital the doctor was shocked and the conditions. But that God that their help and God she recovered within 2 days. (3 weeks ago)

My sister, recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, was having lab work done at MD Anderson, and became...or rather, continued to be violently ill. The lab techs at MDA suggested we go to St. Luke's ER, which was next door. All I asked was for a could've been in the hallway for all we cared, just so she could lie down which helps control nausea, but the numerous women working the ER desk refused. They said she had to wait in a chair in the waiting area until they could get to her, and they they would need to do triage before they could determine her urgency. We walked in behind a gentleman who drove himself to the ER, and admitted he was not in need of urgent care but could not wait several days for a doctor appointment. They even took him before my sister. As sick as she was, she asked me to take her to another I know offers compassionate patient care. Methodist Hospital's ER...which we cannot say enough good things about. We will risk driving further to receive competent care. (4 months ago)

This has been an eventful hurry up and wait stay. It takes so long for tests to be done. I will say the weekend nursing staff was amazing. Crystal, Keisha, Junita! Very clean facility just disappointed it took so long to get MRI’s. The docs have been helpful as well! If they would get a little more organized with scheduling tests and results it would be great. (a month ago)

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