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Welcome St. Luke's Medical Center is a 200-bed hospital located in Phoenix, Arizona, that provides high-quality care in a friendly hospital environment.

St Luke's Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Maricopa County, AZ.

St Luke's Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Luke's Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I just had Sleeve surgery here June 4th, it was a horrible experience. My family waited 2 hours past my surgery not knowing I was already in my room. No one bothered to tell them I was okay. The nurses never check in, when you asked for something it would take at least 45min if they showed at all. I asked for ice at lease 3 times and never received it. One nurse left me in the bathroom and told me to pull the string when I was done. I pulled and pulled the string and waited 20 min before hurting my stitches to pull myself up and to bed. If my husband was not there most of the time I don’t know what I would have done. He helped me stand and walk while the nurses did nothing to assist. The hospital itself is in need of a desperate remodel/update. Every time my husband went to cafeteria to eat it was closed (lunch,dinner). On my release day they said they didn’t have a wheele chair to assist me out and I had to walk. I was in bad pain and pretty upset about that. When I went to ask my nurse if she could look for a wheel chair she said she had to finish her round with 4 other patients then would help me. I asked how long she said I don’t know. Another nurse offered to help me and pulled a wheel chair from an empty room. I guess they did in fact have them. The Nurses are rude and just horrible with their patients. I suggest not going here unless you don’t mind the lousy treatment from nurses who could care less about their patients. (a month ago)

Thanks to all the nurses in ICU (2nd Floor) for doing a job well done in caring for my mother!! Some of you nurses really do work from the heart!! My mom was a patient from 2/15/18-4/9/18 (not too sure on the discharged date.) My mom is still on the road to recovery and doing great!! Thank you, Thank you!! April.. (a month ago)

It was the worst ER I have ever been to or have seen. I was brought to a room with only a sheet on the bed, no pillow, no blanket and I was freezing. With the exception of one nurse, everyone was rude, mean and treated you like you were trash. One staff member came in, sat down on a chair and threw her feet on the bed. The doctor (P.A.) was in the room for less then 1 minute and acted like I was problem! This is treatment no one deserves. (in the last week)

I went there today with my severely autistic son—It was a horrible experience and they treated me like I didn’t exist especially when they wanted to restrain my son which I didn’t let them do. The doctor was arrogant and didn’t come to speak to me. The only nurse named Elizabeth did not want to restrain my son. she said my son didn’t need restraints which I agreed with and that my son should be chemically restrained with another shot first and I agreed with that. Restraining a special needs kid can be dangerous and I asked if he could have another shot instead but no my opinion didn’t matter and I left for the safety of my child . The last three days we had spent at Abrazo West Hospital which was a really good Experience under the circumstances. I really It was a heartless experience and a place with no hope. This is the first time I have ever complained about an ER. Security also was very aloof and cold except for the two security guards that walked me and my son out. (a month ago)

I was at the hospital about from 11am around almost 8 pm . They charged me 9.000 something and doctor fee 1800. I was in the hallway most of the time. No lunch .After a child had passed out and a patience screaming it had me upset .I feel bad for people that are in pain , passed out or hear someone say that this teen tried to kill herself and she screaming , I wanted to go home an hide. I was so hungry, had some test done, a nurse told me a blood test showed something was wrong , they had to get another test done to see if it was a blood clot, which the guy told me it would take two hours or a half to get the results, within 20 minutes the doctor tell me everything OK. I was going home. When I was in the lobby this lady told me they didn't find out what was wrong with her and she had heart failure like me. She said they was rushing her out . No one tild her what was wrong g with her. I will not go there again. All that money for what . What was wrong ? I should been told something . (3 months ago)

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