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Photo: St. Luke's University Hospital - Bethlehem

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1026 A AVE NE

UnityPoint - Cedar Rapids is here to provide the community with experienced physicians and nurses to give the best care possible.

St Lukes Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Linn County, IA.

St Lukes Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Lukes Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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The staff here has always been amazing. The ED works as quick as they can and are extremely polite under pressing situations. Mind you, the ED works on the most important issues first before lesser matters. They staff works incredibly hard....incredibly. This is a great learning hospital and because of that, it makes them a great network. I'll always choose St. Luke's first. (4 months ago)

A week ago my 13 yr old son was transported from the monroe campus to u guys for emergency surgery. I will say we have the best nurse, doctors i have ever come across made us feel comfortable the room was clean the next day after disharge we got a follow up call.. Heather is the Er was amazing and checked in on us and him to see how surgery went, Tami and Krystin in Pederics are fantasic and u can tell they loved they job and what they do.. Dr Luc was the greatest him and his team made me and my son both very comfortable with what they had to do.. you should be proud of the stuff u have they are amazing and do a great job.. (a week ago)

They treated my brother who just had an amputation as if he was a bother. Dr Lynne Doctor call him and screamed at him that he had nerve to call her office because he was in pain . The nurses tried to contact the "TEAM" but to no avail, so he took matters into his own hands and tried to get in contact with his Doctor. Dr Lynne Doctor found this "inappropriate " (who isn't even his doctor), she came in the next morning trying to redeem herself. If you have vascular problems and they try to sic her on you, run. The only reason they have one star is because you have to hit it to leave a review. She is a horrible doctor, accusing people of not trying to take care of themselves. She should be stripped of her license. A formal complaint has been made with the board. (in the last week)

Critical care was okay as they saved my friend's life. However, when transferred to the 8th floor, this was the worst care! He was over medicated with oxycodone injections. Stage II decubitus .5 cm right hip observed when nurse was turning patient. Nurse stated prior that he had no skin breakdown, "We don't call it a skin breakdown" Autumn stated. As a RN, BSN I know this isn't the case. She left medicine in a regular styrofoam cup unlabeled. He was too weak to even sign his name and his food just sat. He lost 20-30 lbs. at least. Lasix was administered when patient wasn't receiving IV fluid and didn't even have a port or picc line for emergencies and probably was dehydrated as well. Patient should have had a Picc line as both arms severely bruised by nurses trying to start an IV. After patient discharged to nursing home in this state complained of right hand pain. X-ray wasn't performed in hospital on his hand when he was rushed to hospital via ambulance as he fell on floor at house. Social worker on the 8th floor was very rude. Friend said she had to walk around the entire unit to find social worker sitting with nurses casually laughing and talking. A mutual friend rang his call bell and waited 15 minutes for nurse who didn't come in the room but shouted back, "What do you want?!" Social worker said patient is being discharged as he's alert but never saw him as there are three witnesses that he wasn't alert after oxycodone injections. Patient has COPD and Oxygen levels were 89-90 at best with oxygen at 2L and only 90 after nebulizer treatment by respiratory technician. Colostomy bag wasn't changed for hours and incision site is likely to get infected. Patient has medicare and supplemental insurance so they were paid. 8th floor looks like a nursing home and never saw anyone feeding patient. Left patient with full tray of food which sat for at least 4 hours. This is unacceptable behavior. Made a mockery and embarrassed patient asking if a nurse touched him inappropriately based on a comment he made when he was overly sedated with oxycodone injections. Three weeks after surgery he did not need oxycodone injections. They administered them to make their life easier. This is a disgrace! Man is 75 years old history of COPD, and fall risk. Autumn, nurse didn't even know if he still had infection but didn't see any antibiotics listed. Patient looked better in critical care seriously! After patient discharged on Monday, 4/23/2018, readmitted 4/26/2018 after falling in nursing home. Patient was too weak to be discharged to nursing home but social worker was adamant to get him out of there. (2 months ago)

There was no one in the hospital but yet we have been waiting for 2 hours we saw one doctor who did not know what was wrong and he was on the phone and in and out of the room. It was very Unprofessional when the second doctor came in he was very rude and we are still waiting for care . (2 months ago)

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