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ELMIRA, NY 14902


St Joseph's Hospital, Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Chemung County, NY.

St Joseph's Hospital, Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Joseph's Hospital, Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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All of the staff was very kind, compassionate and caring. My son received the best care at this facility. I was impressed with the cleanliness. During my son's surgery they kept me updated every hour. I can't thank them enough for all they have done for my family. (a month ago)

My cousin just told me about the experience she had at your hospital and i wanted to let y’all know what happened. She went into the hospital on 3/1/18 after being told by her primary doctor to go to the ER her lungs collapsed last year and this hospital was the one too “fix” them, anyways she goes in because she couldn’t keep anything down and her stomach was burning today 3/2/18 she has surgery at 12pm and they found her stomach was inflamed so they took a sample to test it. The doctor told her this morning at 7am that she will be in the hospital for observation for 3 days because her potassium is down and her blood pressure is low keep in mind she still CAN NOT breathe that well, they just released her after surgery with only hours of observation and them only caring about her stomach and not caring about her lungs or heart, but here’s the kicker they did NOT prescribe her any pain medication (she is not and never have been an addict) but they treated her like one. Please let me know if you had this experience or something like it. I will be doing something about this. (4 months ago)

I went in to the er, I should have turned around when I saw the parking lot. It's always super packed. You have to type in on a computer what's wrong with you before speaking to anyone. Although my situation as more complex I wrote that I was in pain and where. When I went back to be" triage" the nurse was kind but never asked anything About my issue! Nothing except what my pain level was. Took a blood and urine sample and sent me back to the filthy waiting room. I waited 3 hours and never saw I doctor. I watched people who came in after me be taken back. I was told they were waiting on a room for me. I'm guessing they deemed my problem non emergency, since by the third hour they had cleared the waiting room but I was still sitting there. I've been hurting for a week. I have three small children and I just don't have time to be sick. When the pain was too much I finally got a babysitter and came in. With that being said it was almost 12am, when I made the decision to just leave and get back to my kids . Who knows when I would be seen and this hospital is a joke. The staff would rather flirt and joke around with each other than do their jobs. I'm going to go to Tampa general. I recommend anyone who wants to be taken seriously do the same! I'm sure I'll be charged an arm and a leg for the blood work I never heard anything about. ..NEVER AGAIN. (4 months ago)

I can't begin to share my gratitude and appreciation for St. Joseph's Hospital, especially the children's sector. Our family just had the scariest two weeks of our lives, which happens to involve our newborn. The skilled and professional staff at this hospital acted promptly when we arrived with our baby who had a fever of 101 at just 10 days old. The ER doctor, Dr. Pinzon jumped right in and carefully explained to us that he would have to run testing on our son, which would happen very fast, but it was very important. He did not sugarcoat anything, yet was gentle with the process. After they performed the spinal and blood tests, we were admitted to the hospital. The nurses immediately started him on medication and fluids to get his fever under control. We saw two doctors over the three days we were there. Dr. Cartaya and Dr. Shamma informed us our child's diagnosis that he had meningitis. We would have to wait 48 hours to see if it was viral or bacterial. They were both professional and realistic with our next steps, which was absolutely terrifying. The doctors, along with the best nurse staff I've ever seen kept us calm and moving forward throughout the entire time. The nurses Madison, Deon and Lindsey (overnight) were beyond helpful, resourceful and kind. Every single time they entered or exited our room, which by the way we were in isolation, they asked if there was anything they could get for us. They constantly monitored our sons temp and gave us all of the information we needed. This meant SO much to us during this stressful time. I didn't feel like we were patients, I felt like we were part of their family. They truly cared. Deon was someone who deserves even more recognition. This gentleman brought me and my husband a coffee each morning, since he knew we weren't sleeping. When I went to get a glass of water, I saw him rocking and caring for the baby who was in the room next to us and did not have anyone with it at many points. The way he acted and spoke to children truly warms my heart as a mom of two. Humanity does exist and this hospital made one of the worst times in my life a lot less painful. I'm happy to share our son is recovering and doing MUCH better. The meningitis thank God turned out to be viral and has run its course and we are home as a family happy and healthy. If you are faced having to choose a children's hospital to care for your little one, I highly recommend this establishment. (a month ago)

Our experience has been horrible. Our pediatrician suggested here rather than All Children's in St Pete because this is a Baycare hospital and she could admit our son rather than him having to go through the ER at All Children's. Friends and family uniformly asked why were we coming here from Pinellas rather than going to All Children's. Despite that red flag, what a mistake we made. After being taken to a room, we waited an hour to see a nurse while our son got sicker and sicker. It was about 2 hours until we finally saw a doctor. That only happened after we told them we were going to leave and drive to the ER at All Children's. After the doctor gave orders for IV fluids, there was a delay of over 2 hours until the nurse began the fluids. They woke our sick son up at 130am to give him liquid Tylenol orally. He cried and spit most of it out. I asked, Isn't there IV Tylenol? She lied and said no. I know that's not true, so I looked it right up on my phone and asked again. "Our pharmacy doesn't carry that. I've been her 17 years. " Unlike All Children's, this is not a freestanding children's hospital. It is a wing of the regular hospital, and is physically attached to the regular St Joseph's. Don't be like us and regret your mistake. Take your sick child to the other choice in town. (a month ago)

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