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A 431-bed hospital health center with many outpatient programs, satellite facilities and affiliated organizations. (Syracuse, NY)

St Joseph's Hospital Health Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Onondaga County, NY.

St Joseph's Hospital Health Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Joseph's Hospital Health Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I don't normally post bad reviews...if I don't like something I'll just move along...but this place is absolutely awful. I went in with flu symptoms and a very painful sore throat (my temp was 104 the night before)...couldn't even stand up. I was put in a room with just a chair, no bed, and all I needed was to lie down. It was difficult for me to sit up, and laying down was the only thing that could provide any type of relief. The chair could recline, but then it would fling me hard back upright, causing my head to pound worse than it was already. I asked for a room with a bed, and I was told that they didn't have any rooms with beds, yet I saw at least 7 empty rooms with beds in them! I asked again because no one came back with an answer for me, and the nurse said "I already asked! but I guess I'll just have to ask again" in a very snotty attitude. She never came back with an answer for me (again). The other nurse came in to take me to get an x Ray. I asked her for a wheelchair because i couldn't stand up, an got the snottiest look and eye roll from her, then she shoved the wheelchair in my room. Absolutely no tact or care. Didn't help me get up, just snotty attitude and stood there while I struggled to get out of the chair. I was also told "your throat looks fine" but yet here it is crimson red, swollen, painful, and not even a throat swab to be conducted. No IV when I was clearly dehydrated, no tests to get a diagnosis. The nurse said "we think it's a viral infection so just take lots of Tylenol and Motrin". I wouldn't have gone to the hospital if I just needed Tylenol and Motrin. l when I didn't have a ride home, I waited for a reply from my mother to drive me...since I didn't hear back, I was waiting very uncomfortably in the chair and another nurse came in and said "I'm going to have to ask you to leave"...even after I said I was waiting for a response about a ride home. No wheelchair, no help. I was laying on the waiting room floor for my ride to get there, nurses just passing by without a care to be given. I'm going elsewhere to get a throat culture done and get cared for properly. If it is indeed strep, or the flu, or anything that this hosptial not only did not test for, but also left me untreated, then that will not go over well. I will not be returning here. (a week ago)

Grossly negligent priority assessment in ER UPDATE: I withdraw my previous 5⭐️ accolade. The ER physicians and mid-level providers are dangerously apathetic to both presumed and VERY REAL, LIFE-THREATENING patient-described conditions. I literally left the ER after almost 3-hours of waiting-room-waiting (as patiently as possible) to be called back to a room to be checked out by a doctor. I arrived back at my sister’s house (she is an RN), and ten minutes after sitting down at her kitchen table to rest, she deemed it necessary to call for an ambulance. I was secured in the “rig” and adamantly protested being transported to any facility that held any association with St. Joseph’s Hospital. I was transported to Upstate University Hospital’s Emergency Department. Being wheeled into the ER and a few spotty in-and-out recollections of familial interactions while still in the ER room I had been given upon arrival are the only things I can hazily remember; after I’d say, conservatively, the 3 hour mark - nothing for the following 6-days. It turns out I was in acute bilateral kidney failure, my left lung was 60% collapsed, my potassium level was 2.4, and my body was in full-blown septic shock. I was transported to the MICU, where I stayed for the next 6-days. On complete life support. In a freaking coma! I am 35-years old, (obviously) female, and in above standard condition. I was read my last rites twice. My family members were called and subsequently filed in from all over the state and country. FLEW in immediately due to my less than 20% of survival over the next 3 days (slightly improved at the end of day 3, only to nosedive on day 4 and up until day 6). The cause of my sudden, life-threatening, coma-inducing condition has, to date, remained a frustratingly perplexing medical mystery. I CAN tell you about 10,000 conditions I DO NOT have, thanks to the valiant quests of the seemingly never ending line of resident doctors and the attending physicians from every department in existence eagerly fulfilling their inherent need to poke, prod, sample, and suture to find the answer to the thus-far unanswerable. Thanks St. Joe’s arrogantly pompous Emergency Physicians staff for leaving me with no choice but to abandon your hospital and begrudgingly seek out another emergency team to do the job I went for in the first place. In that respect of sad irony, you and your team saved my life that day! (4 months ago)

There's a law to stop leaking information. Your hospital DID NOT FOLLOW THAT LAW. You left my father disabadi in one arm and left him in his own waste for hours on end. Left him on the floor when he fell and had an ER Dr be very rude to him. If I had a choice I'd fire EVERYONE OF THEM involved! (a month ago)

Had my son here I went in beacuse I was having horrible contractions to the point in was crying and bleeding at the same time I got to the er the registered me and bassically went in for my csection beacuse they were afraid the placenta was detaching from my wall the staff is great as well (a month ago)

This hospitals services has declined tremendously. I have been a patient for over ten years. The last two years I kept having skin breakouts. After nermerous appointments and seeing different doctors in this practice, I finally sat down and recorded changes in uses of products and figured out I was having allergic reactions to a ingredient used in my new laundry detergent. Changed detergent and my skin issues totally ceased. After 2 years of countless appointments and tests I cannot believe the questions to rule this out,allergen test or even a referral was never suggested. Lately this hospital has wasted alot of my time and energy and I hope their quality of care and service is restored. (3 months ago)

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