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St Josephs Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Chippewa County, WI.

St Josephs Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Josephs Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Mixed reviews over the years but mostly good- I have been to the ER twice with potential heart problems and they were very attentive, and my wife has been to the ER a few times with reasonable results. The reports of long waits may be for people who they consider to be in non life-threatening situations. Both of my children were born there, and we had good results the second time, but really less than satisfactory results the first (the anesthesiologist was particularly bad). Overall though, I am fairly satisfied with St. Joe's and continue to use it. (2 weeks ago)

Had to go to the emergency room recently. They treated me with great kindness and were paying close attention to my health situation. A big thank you to the doctors, nurses and staff! (a week ago)

I was transferred from a hospital in Peterborough last night to St. Joseph’s for an ultrasound. I’ll save you the long story except to say that I was agitated - exhausted, frustrated & fearful of how I was going to get home. It’s not easy dealing with agitated patients and I regret how bad my attitude was. How nurses & facilities respond to agitated patients says a lot about their purpose and mission. This evening the nurses who sent me out could not have been colder & less compassionate. They could not have cared less about me so long as I left as I was told. I will never return to St. Joseph’s. What a sad example of health “care.” (2 months ago)

Second time here today with my son who was very sick with a stomach bug. Unfortunately he requires immediate care when he sick as it can quickly turn life threatening. I want to preface with the fact that I know there are just as many people sick if not much sicker than my child. I guess my main concern is the faculty. Extremely unprofessional. At no time did nurses, support staff, security or administrative employees keep there voices down, heat and eat food right in the open or try not to laugh at the funny joke they heard as loud as if they were in their own living room. I’m disgusted with the lack of professionalism. Uncaring personnel. I want to cry for every person having to endure any of what I heard and experienced. I do not ever want to hear who went to Peddlers with the group 2 nights ago, how many drinks they had or what they sang for karaoke songs. I’m appalled that the nurse felt it necessary to take 45 minutes to talk to the IT person to get her password before she started care with my son. I now know her password!!!! She should have been more professional and talked quietly while trying to fix her computer problem. I heard nurses bitching each other out and being rude to each other. I would be fired if this is how I acted at my work. All this doesn’t include the fact that my son was in a bed in the hallway throwing up violently. He was so upset. 2 stars instead of zero because when they finally got to my son they were able to help him feel better. 2 hours later. Coming here for 20 years, what the hell happened to this place? And when did they do away with HIPPA laws??? ; ) (6 months ago)

This place is like a 3 ring circus!! Took weeks to get them to schedule my port placement. I shiw up for the surgery only to have then tell me, we have to reschedule because we dint have anyone on to perform your procedure !! How does a hospital schedule a surgery with out a surgeon!! I took the entire day off for this. Complete incompetance!!! (a month ago)

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