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St Joseph Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Nez Perce County, ID.

St Joseph Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Joseph Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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WARNING: do not let your loved one have a stomach surgery at this Hospital! It pains me to share my experience but I feel my obligation to do it to protect you the potential victims. I was overseas when I got a phone call that my father was in this Hospital. My relatives told me he had to have a stomach surgery or he would be dead the next day. It was a perforated ulcer. Before I had a chance to help in the decision they already perform the surgery and he had an incision that was over a foot long. They removed a good portion of his stomach. The surgeon was not experienced with these types of surgeries and she had to have another adviser help her in the matter. When I arrived at the hospital my mother told me everything that happened. I was involved in all of the meetings from there on out. The surgeon rarely visited my father. Scared the Daylights out of my mother. He was in a lot of pain for a long time but like the tough hard man that he was he fought through it. He was eventually released to a Rehabilitation Center Inn Post Falls Idaho. My father was not healing up properly from this surgery for obvious reasons. I consulted the gastronomic specialist in Post Falls Idaho. They informed me that everything that Saint Joseph Hospital did was unnecessary. It was a simple in and out procedure with a scope under the abdomen. My father would have only had a small incision below his waist line or they could have went in with a tool to repair the perforated ulcer. I was very upset at this report needless to say. His Rehabilitation kept declining. Finally I got a proclamation from Kootenai Health hospital that they had to go back in and fix what was wrong. When they did this, they claimed it was a success. However after the surgery the next day everything fell apart. My father was gone just a few days afterward. We have spent almost a year in mourning and missing my dad. I did not have Vengeance on my mind to report this on Google. I was upset and everything that happened but I was letting it go into the past. That is until my mother got a phone call the other day from her friend. This man's wife had a stomach surgery just recently at St Joseph's hospital and she died the same way my father did. So I am just warning everybody here do not, I repeat do not trust them with your loved one's life. ICU you was quite polite however no one else in the hospital was, especially the cafeteria. Those old women need to be fired. Let me know if you need further clarification. (4 months ago)

Dianne came in by ambulance. we waited 2 hours to see the ENT and was told at that time it would be after 4pm before Dr. Tieu would be here because she was working the clinic today. REALLY the clinic comes before a patient that was sent by ambulance from another hospital. I think this hospital needs to figure out what a patient in a ambulance means . (3 weeks ago)

Hi, I'm here from outta state and I have c o p d couldnt breath well I came in got rt in and was taken care of very well 5hes (a week ago)

St. Joe's has honestly never been my first choice when it comes to my kids (2 and 3 year old) however they completely changed my mind last night. Every single staff member I encountered (from the receptionist up front to the emergency room nurses and doctors to the anesthesiologist to the Gastrologist- Dr. Morgenstern) was AMAZING!!! I can't say enough great things about the staff. I wish I would have gotten all of their names but I was in panic mode and did not. They were very thorough and super sweet to my 3 year old. They went way out of their way to let her know how good of a girl she was and to make her night a little better💜 (4 months ago)

They sent a family member home with a broken and dislocated shoulder for 4 days she had to return there by ambiance for the second time. They told myself they should have never sent her away and that her break should have been taken care of right away. They apologized and have had her laying in bed for 5 days still no surgery done or shoulder fixed. They failed to get her extremely important pills to her at the correct times and at one point lost her pills, so I brought her the pills she needed. They are now 6 days later shipping her to a hospital with the abilities to get her taken care of safely. We need better care in the LC valley. It's pretty sad. (6 months ago)

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