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Photo: St. Joseph Medical Center

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St Joseph Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Allen County, IN.

St Joseph Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Joseph Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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The Doctor Becker that used to be on TV was lovable and compassionate, however, the Dr. Becker you will find slithering the halls of St. Josephs is anything but. He is a rude, egotistical, shell of a person who needs to find a job more suitable for his mentality and attitude.. I would hate to ruin Antarctica with his presence there, but that would be a good place for him to thrive. As soon as he walked into my room he jumped square on me about having the hubris to show up in his ER. He was somehow offended that I tried all of last week to get into a Doctors office with no luck until June I was being told time and time again not just by receptionists but also by St. Josephs own medical condition checker that I should go to an ER right away. So after giving it some thought I decided to take all of their advice and go to the ER because sepsis did sound kind of scary. I am not from the Houston area which is another issue with him but I do travel back and forth because I own businesses here and in NYC as well. This also proved to be a huge problem for his royal highness, The great Dr. Becker. He told me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my foot, maybe he couldn't see through his glasses, maybe he failed diabetic foot care 101 as bad as he failed for being a compassionate human being, whatever the reason he said I wasted his time and that the ER is NOT for general health care, I had to find a GP. If he would have taken his head out of his ass long enough he would have heard me tell him I tried all of last week to find one I could get into and finally had to make my appointment for June...And it was them who told me to go to an ER... and it St. Josephs symptom checker that said I had to go right in. I uploaded a picture of it. Then he started lecturing me on how to live my life, how I should of have a Doctor lined up before I ever came here. The truth is now after seeing his display, I might not ever go to another Doctor. I know they are not all self-entitled misanthropes like he is but I just don't care to find out at this point. After telling me that I was wasting his time and there was absolutely nothing wrong with my foot he wrote me an 80.00 prescription for antibiotics, more than likely secretly laughing to himself thinking I couldn't afford them. I've given more than that to a homeless ladies on the streets, chump change Dr. Becker, chump change. I also have to wonder if it is a policy at St. Josephs to pass out medicine like candy to patients who waste the Doctors time in the ER when they have absolutely nothing wrong with them? Does Dr. Becker have x-ray vision where he can look into a human body and see infection? He must have because he determined all of this without one single drop of my blood. He made it very clear to me that I should NEVER have gone to HIS hospital without insurance because "someone of my age needs to plan better for their health." I tried to explain to him there was a problem with my insurance being transferred to Texas from NY, and that seemed to calm him down a bit, but not much. As gangrene horrible as Dr. Becker is, the rest of the staff minus his personal minion were absolutely fantastic. From the security guards to the awesome lady that checked me in to the guy who took me back for an x-ray which as I understood never got read by the great Dr. Becker. maybe he failed that in school too? I finally got tired of being treated as I was some subhuman out of the NYC sewer system and told him I was leaving, why stay? Dr. Becker pointed out there was nothing wrong with me. This is how medical lawsuits begin. (in the last week)

That hospital is really nice , very clean and very organized. But it has a huge problem , I’ll tell you I had my 3 kids in this hospital and they all did the same! No video taping, no photos , and not even hold your baby after it’s been born!!!! The lady who was there told me that I would have plenty of time after with my kid?!!! Who does that?! Like if she wasn’t a mother or something! I can’t believe I was so disappointed of my Ob Gyn 😑 if it wasn’t because I was too young to choose another hospital I would just have it at home myself.! Like i wanted to tell her what’s wrong with you , you don’t have feelings or what? but I was in so much pain 🚫 but I also have a lot of patience I let God In Control of Everything 🙏🏻 so yea if your planning on having your baby at this hospital make sure you get all the information right or you will be disappointed like me. (a month ago)

First and best hospital in the Houston area. I recently finished my clinical rotation as a student of surgical tecnology program and It was really nice to share and meet the staff, Doctors, nurses and everybody. Thanks for everything l really enjoyed learning with all of you. (in the last week)

This is definitely a diamond in the rough that is overlooked. Parking is free at night and if you pay to park 8 dollars for valet is way cheaper than anything that’s in the medical center. I left here at 1:30am with my father today and was pleased with the service and how they took their time to answer my questions. Was also discharged in a quick manner! (a month ago)

I have nothing but the highest respect for Dr. Ramirez. Her knowledge of diseases and other health issues seems encyclopedic to me. I came to her with a problem and she diagnosed it as something called "essential tremors". I had never even heard of this health issue, but she knew what it was and how to test for it, all without having to refer to any textbook. Her medical knowledge and skill amazes me, and she is genuinely concerned with the health of her patients. She has been my physician since the mid 90s and I will continue to be her patient until she retires. I cannot recomend a finer primary care physician than Dr. Ramirez. She will take good care of you. (4 weeks ago)

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