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Photo: St. Joseph Medical Center

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St. Joseph's Hospital Auxiliary presents scholarships to Buckhannon High School seniors. Posted 6/30/2017. Patient Portal.

St Joseph Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Upshur County, WV.

St Joseph Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

St Joseph Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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That hospital is really nice , very clean and very organized. But it has a huge problem , I’ll tell you I had my 3 kids in this hospital and they all did the same! No video taping, no photos , and not even hold your baby after it’s been born!!!! The lady who was there told me that I would have plenty of time after with my kid?!!! Who does that?! Like if she wasn’t a mother or something! I can’t believe I was so disappointed of my Ob Gyn 😑 if it wasn’t because I was too young to choose another hospital I would just have it at home myself.! Like i wanted to tell her what’s wrong with you , you don’t have feelings or what? but I was in so much pain 🚫 but I also have a lot of patience I let God In Control of Everything 🙏🏻 so yea if your planning on having your baby at this hospital make sure you get all the information right or you will be disappointed like me. (a month ago)

First and best hospital in the Houston area. I recently finished my clinical rotation as a student of surgical tecnology program and It was really nice to share and meet the staff, Doctors, nurses and everybody. Thanks for everything l really enjoyed learning with all of you. (in the last week)

This is definitely a diamond in the rough that is overlooked. Parking is free at night and if you pay to park 8 dollars for valet is way cheaper than anything that’s in the medical center. I left here at 1:30am with my father today and was pleased with the service and how they took their time to answer my questions. Was also discharged in a quick manner! (a month ago)

I have nothing but the highest respect for Dr. Ramirez. Her knowledge of diseases and other health issues seems encyclopedic to me. I came to her with a problem and she diagnosed it as something called "essential tremors". I had never even heard of this health issue, but she knew what it was and how to test for it, all without having to refer to any textbook. Her medical knowledge and skill amazes me, and she is genuinely concerned with the health of her patients. She has been my physician since the mid 90s and I will continue to be her patient until she retires. I cannot recomend a finer primary care physician than Dr. Ramirez. She will take good care of you. (3 weeks ago)

This hospital is absolutely disgusting. Dirty, filthy, unaccomodating, and the staff is extremely rude and several of the nurses didn’t have a clue what they were doing. Lady on 5th floor in front of surgery waiting room said we weren’t allowed a blanket or pillow and couldn’t sleep in the waiting room. Even though we had been there all night. What hospital has a no sleeping in the waiting room policy? She said it’s because she was concerned with the media people that were filming some weight loss something. Who cares about the media guy who by the way wasn’t even in there most of the day. Focus on your patients and the patients loved ones. When I asked her what her name was she refused to give it to me and covered her name badge. Worst hospital I have ever seen. I recommend going to the other one close by. (a month ago)

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