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St John's Episcopal Hospital At South Shore is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Queens County, NY.

St John's Episcopal Hospital At South Shore does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St John's Episcopal Hospital At South Shore is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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It's a place you voluntarily send someone if they're sick & you want them dead. My husband has been there a few times, they have few good staffers but by en large are a large death trap. Last time they did a discharge plan at first that included all their people more than a month after we told them we were moving permanently. They did schedule new appointments but never cancelled the original one's made. They also gave treatment via an IV after they filed the original discharge paperwork & before they told him they'd done said paperwork. (2 weeks ago)

Nursing staff was exceptional during my stay. Many younger doctors here and medical students had a very difficult time drawing blood during my 10 day hospital stay. I would recommend asking for a nurse to draw blood if needed or if you have deeper veins. They were very inexperienced. When I was in my bed resting after surgery a doctor was consulting with the patient in my room. They knew each other and started joking around. The doctor then said, "I hate operating on men, they're such fags about surgery. " I immediately left my room because I felt uncomfortable. Next a nurse who was not working with me asked me if I was married and if I had a girlfriend. When I replied no she said, "don't worry, God has a plan for all of us and will surely send you a good wife." This hospital clearly stands by a very dated and Old Testament interpretation of the bible and this influences much of the culture here. I only came here because it was the closest hospital when I was admitted after an emergency surgery. I think this hospital needs sensitivity training and cultural competency training. Not everyone that becomes a patient here follows your beliefs. I am grateful for the medical care I received but also would not recommend nor come back to this hospital because I felt like my worth as a human being was diminished because of who I am. (3 months ago)

Having my children at this hospital has been one of the best experiences I could ever ask for. The nurses are great mostly private room and amazing food from a hospital, labor and delivery department great from top to bottom (a week ago)

My daughter was hospitalized on Tuesday May 2, 2018 because she is having heart and pulmonary problems. She was discharged with a guess as her prognosis aftee running tests for days on Thursday May 4th 2018. All they did was give her a bag of inhalers and an appointment for today Monday May 7, 2018. She gets there with an appointment slip and no one knows why there isn't an appointment in the system. So what does she do now??? I say SUE since the next appointment is in July????? What kind of hospital is this??? Who is in charge??? There is no one to contact!!!!! I've been calling and this is my last resort. From my message to their eyes if my daughter passes out and God forbid something happens you will know when you see the name of the hospital changed to The Davis Hospital! I've had enough of people in white coats serving the community that don't give a damn! Do not go to this hospital if it's not necessary. I don't know the nearest but it's not worth it. They are just collecting a check. (2 weeks ago)

My doctors in the emergency room get a 5star. The nurses get a 1 star extremely unprofessional, not attentive rude arrogant attitudes. A lot of nasty foreign nurse who clearly think they too good to clean up urine and vomit. Running so fast to take a break without checking on me. I had extremely high fever if it wasn't for the amazing doctor who was doing his job and his lousy nurses job. The nurses where taking a test for work in front of the patients totally unprofessional. One of them came back from break and it to her 30 minutes to log in before she gave me tynelon. In order for this hospital to be at the top of their game that need to train their unprofessional staff that peoples lives matter. To have emphaty and stop chatting and being rude to the patients. I even saw one of the nurse be rude to an outside social worker. This nurse was kinda chunky with short hair with glasses. Ever time one of the Dr ask her a question she was rude. Sad to say this why people don't want to go to St John's when sick and the nurses are bringing the hospital down. They all had on lots of perfume cheap smelling. Dirty uniforms. If it wasn't for me reminding them that I sat on a bed in which I urinate on they would have placed a person on the bed. One nurse was yelling at an elderly lady who couldn't speak and being rough. Once again my Dr had to get urine samples and send them off cause nurses where doing a test. Isn't there a testing room for staff (2 months ago)

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