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St John Sapulpa, Inc is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Creek County, OK.

St John Sapulpa, Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St John Sapulpa, Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Great care and amazing staff. My daughter had an abscess on her thumb. I'm that mom that panics over small things so I wasn't even sure if I needed to bring her in. But I did, when I came in Angelina was her nurse I had to bring all 4 of my children in ages 9,6,3,&2 the 3yr old was the one being seen but she was super nice and played with all of my children and kept everyone calm. Dr. Stone walked in looked at her finger and told me he was glad I brought her in. Omar and Walter had to help hold her down all three men had great bedside manner and kept telling her how sorry they were for the procedure hurting her. I wouldn't take my children or family members to another hospital. (4 months ago)

people underrate this hospital. Mostly due to its size. this hospital cares and the building is in great shape. ignore the size, its 100% pure fantastic! (3 months ago)

After reading other reviews I realize I had the same issues as many other people and I wish I had read these before I went. I'm not even sure if they have a doctor in the emergency room if they do he is an idiot and forgot to put the beer and bongs down during Med school. They were completely clueless and lack anything that I emergency room should have to help people in an emergency. I'm not sure if there are any but there should be regulations to a minimum of what an emergency room should have on hand. And they definitely don't have the proper equipment or knowledge. Like many of the other reviews I sat for hours waiting for a doctor who told me he didn't have a clue and now they want a few thousand dollars. I had no testing no x-rays no lab work no urine samples they just looked at me. And they referred me to a specialist who they assured I would see me in the morning and that they had spoken with him. The referral was no good and I am unable to see the doctor for another day. (8 months ago)

Be aware! I would like to inform anyone who is staying in the waiting room tonight that my daughter was their for over five hours tucked away In the far corner of the waiting room. Watched several good movies on the Hallmark channel by the way. She has been confirmed with the flue. My family has been sick since Sun Jan 14 with very high fevers everynight. I had become concerned about my daughter because she has been throwing up just phlegm and nothing else. This had been happening since Wednesday, She litteraly filled a 4 quart mixing bowl with nothing but stomach acid and thick green mucous. Loogies if you want to call it that. She also has a wet cough and no one else does. It sounds really raspy and labored. My hubbie was concerned because incidents of the flue combined with pneumonia have been more severe. Not wanting to wait through the weekend for things to get worse we took her in on Saturday night the 19th to get her checked out. I'm am informing the other patients of this because of the following reasons. She had not had a bath or changed her clothes since Wednesday because the change in temp would cause a fever spike. She wore the same clothes in the waiting room that she sweat out a fever in for the last few nights. She did not was he her hands before she left the house. She also had snot all over her face. In fact their has been several times where I get her suddenly yelling Mom! And her face is just poring out snot! She was antsy and climbing on the chair I could make her stop and because she did not have a fever they would not take her in they had rooms open and waited for other patients to walk in as some type of sick joke inflicting real physical punishment for having real concerns but not having a fever. Have fun. Don't get the flu! My whole house has it. We live in close quarters. Our whole beings just reak of germs. Tomarrow will be an entire week of this stuff and suffering through very high fevers every single night. (4 months ago)

Caution!!!!!!! I've had many horrible experiences with this hospital over the years and also have heard many many horror stories from other's in the community as well. I honestly dont know how they continue to remain open. I will not go or take anyone in my family to this hospital!!!!! I could tell you all the stories but this review would seem to never end. My worst experience with this hospital however was an occasion where I had to take someone I knew into the E.R. for a sledding accident that busted his head open and knocked him unconscious. They did not allow me into the back (which I did understand). A while later they did come get me and told me he was very irrate and irrational and needed me to calm him. He was complaining that his back was hurting very bad. They told him that they had done an x ray and his back was fine and that he was overexaggerating the pain. A couple times they had to maneuver him to finish the stitches and he would let out a scream and also some swear words and the doctor would immediately back up and threaten to not finish if he was not going to act appropriate. They were being quite rude verbally along with with eye rolls and angry sighs. The doctor kept telling him "you were just in a sledding accident, your going to be hurting in all kind of places!" I assumed they had done the x ray while I was still in the waiting room. After his visit he was still complaining of severe back pain for a couple days until he once again took a visit to a different hospital only to find there was a reason for his outbursts, he had a broken back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (3 months ago)

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