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St Elizabeth Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Outagamie County, WI.

St Elizabeth Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Elizabeth Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I just deleted a one star review for St. Elizabeth's, because I just had a baby at this hospital and the experience was AMAZING (and I was afraid it was going to be awful). All of the nurses I've dealt with since I came into the fourth floor having contractions have been unbelievable. They have been attentive, helpful, patient, and kind. I can honestly say they have helped my husband and I prepare to take our little guy home. They have helped us make the best decision for our family while exploring all options and never once complained. I never imagined I would have such a good birthing experience; it truly has been perfect. St. Elizabeth's is lucky to have the staff on this floor. If you want excellent nurses to help you when having a child, this is the place to go. I cannot recommend them enough. (10 months ago)

I am so impressed with this hospital and their staff! I suffer from chronic migraines. I dread going to the ER. Anyone who suffers from debilitating migraines knows the ER is the last resort because of how awful we are treated. Not here! Nurse Tabitha was kind, gentle, compassionate, understanding and took care of me quickly. Dr. Tara was empathetic and truly cared about my condition. They were fast, professional, and truly listened. God Bless those women! And the gentlemen who checked me in were just as sweet as could be. Thank you!!! (10 months ago)

Buyer beware!! Be careful getting any test from this place. I got a CT scan and the admissions person told me my portion was 250 dollars so I proceed with the CT scan. When the bill arrived I owed 1810.00 and the total cost of the scan was 4300.00. I called the billing dept and told the lady that I was told my pay out was 250.00. The lady said " "how would we know that you owe use 1810.00" I was floored with her response since I trusted this place. After doing research on the type CT scan I got found out I could have had it done for under 1000.00. Elsewhere. If they would have told me up front what the true cost was I would have never got the test done by them. I will never go back to St Elizabeth for any kind of care. Personally I'm glad they are leaving Belleville. (10 months ago)

I had my second c-section here and will not have anything else done here, keep in mind what happens after having a baby.the worst part of this was upon My discharge a nurse in training was helping tree nurse there and literally split a part of My incision and it took forever to heal and was painful and never even mentioned doing it like it never happened until my husband told me what happened when we were leaving. My bedding and trash was only changed once in three days. My bathroom trash was overflowing and I rarely received help with anything. Except for a nurse who didn't even work in that floor subbing for a l&d nurse. If it wasent for her I would have had to figure out how to shower on my own barely being able to walk, and thank God for her changing my trash and bedding. They barely wanted to give me pain medication when I truly needed it. The only thing that was acceptable during my stay was the care my daughter received. Great doctors and nurses for the newborns. (a year ago)

I were seen in the E.R three times within four months period, the staff were courtesy and the wait time was perfect. On another occasion, It was a gentleman came into E R bleeding from both wrist rap soak in blood, the receptionist sat there as the man stood there waiting patiently. A R.N. passing through check the man wrists to see was he dripping blood on the floor. Some people reacted to the blood. I felt sorry for him because this is not how the medical world suppose to work, It was disgusting to see no one attempt to bandage his wrists right away, until they heard the mumbling from others in the waiting room. Afterward one of the staff came through the waiting area with all the man soak rags in her hands, she could have easily disposed it the proper way. It makes me wonder what really going on in the Medical World. I have heard and seen some disgusting things which should have never taken place in the hospital. Sometimes they do treat us as we are inhuman not all of them, I'm only speaking about the rotten apples. O well moving on, I were taught to speak when entering a room, Im assuming my head wrap startled the R. N. She looked as if she seen Bin Laden Mother because she didn't respond, then I noticed a negative change in her attitude, we get through the questions, she had a more positive attitude while responding ,when she took me back to get treatment. Now that the type of service we deserve....Moving on the Doctor gave me a prescription and told me to take Benadryl when I get home. The Doctor was professional until he said he had mold in his house, okay but do you have mold on your sofa, clothes and bedding. I felt as he wasn't taken me seriously. I ask the nurse for some Benadryl she kept repeating take some when I get home, I explain to her that I didn't have the money, and will she please ask the Doctor, I'm assuming she had a problem with asking the doctor. I got the Benadryl thanks a lot. It was disturbing to me when she gave me my medicine in my hand from hers to minds, and I know my hands wasn't clean. She the said she wash in and out before entering the room, well I didn't see her further more my hands were dirty.Whatever happened to the cup they put your medicine in, please I might be allergic to hands sanatized. The best place for infection is the hospital and I don't want that. So R N cleanliness is next to Godly. It sicken my when you all break the simplest protocols. We're not trying to tell you how to do your job, but don't forget you work for us and we need your support .No I'm not a Muslim Ms. RN I'm a harmless aging women who need your support to live a better life. Thank You and we as human appreciates your services , sorry for the long book ;) (11 months ago)

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