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St Elizabeth Florence is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Boone County, KY.

St Elizabeth Florence does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Elizabeth Florence is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I was visiting a friend in emergency yesterday and I was met with the most helpful staff I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with at a hospital with one exception. The young lady at the outside desk was very nice but she was getting yelled at by the wife of a man being brought by ambulance. Instead of that lady just understanding that the wife was acting Rudely because of her situation she was rude right back. I know it's hard to deal with people when they are like that but it's always compassion that wins the day.... I think she needs addition training and maybe some system to allow staff to release stress and smile on short breaks to redirect their attention and restore a right attitude. The other staff in the room were amazingly sweet, upbeat, helpful and comforting. There was a Male volunteer that I wanted to hug to pieces for his precious demeanor. We need more people like him with a servants heart. We all need to be servants. If everyone wasn't out for themselves and instead had an outward servant focus we would all get better service everywhere and we wouldn't get so bent put of shape when things weren't perfect. Thanks amazing staff! (a month ago)

Although the nurses were great, I gave St. E a 1 because of their service. My dad who is 92 was admitted for four days. We had to provide his Kleenex. The hospital doesnt provide any toiletries unless you pay for them. Dad wasn't allowed to get up on his own and physical therapy only came once to walk him. The only time he got any exercise was walking to the bathroom. The doctors care a joke. You never know when they will show up. So if you want to talk to one, you better pack your bag. The day he was being released, he wasn't released until 9 pm. (a month ago)

Unless you enjoy being spoken to and treated as if you are a walk-away from the dementia wing of a long tern nursing facility, find another hospital; preferably one that treats adults with dignity. Not everyone with white hair requires being walked fifty feet across the lobby to a clearly marked check in desk. However, in the words of the responsible administrator, "We walk everyone over and hand them off." While I'm certain St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Florence experiences their share of senior citizens requiring that level of hand holding, to treat everyone as if we are incompetent shows a total lack of respect for us as individuals. (a week ago)

I would give this ER a negative rating if I could. They seriously took two cases before us and the kids were obviously fine running around the damn waiting room while my child sobbed in pain!!!! It's a joke. They were clearly fine and my child who had rapid onset let side pain which indicates appendicitis sat and waited!!!!. (a month ago)

Well, I got in right away, and a doctor looked at me pretty quick. All he did was look at my ear and refer me to an ENT who did the real work. But that didn't stop them from charging me $1,000+. Seriously. And that's with "insurance". So 5 stars for being quick about it, 1 star for pricing, 3 stars average? Is that fair? (3 months ago)

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