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919 E 32ND ST, AUSTIN, TX 78705
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St. David's Medical Center is part of St. David's HealthCare, one of the largest health systems in Texas, which was recognized in 2014 with a Malcolm...

St David's Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Travis County, TX.

St David's Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St David's Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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DO NOT GO HERE! I went to the ER not knowing what was wrong with me, they didn't figure that out and released me. They did a couple simple blood tests and an EKG, now they are charging me thousands of dollars. They misfiled important medical coding caused my insurance to bill me for the full amount. They have not helped me in any way. I can't imagine if I needed to have something serious done here, I would never trust these people. DO NOT GO HERE!!! (a month ago)

I went to this emergency room after a hard fall to my back (bp & stress related with other factors), per my Primary Physician and Other Physician's Office (whom had me call my Primary Physician's Office, after completing some blood lab work for other reason) told of hard fall, taken by Primary Physician's Employee. Was admitted by ER Physician and I MUST SAY, I do not care for Hospital STAYS, but THIS FACILITY (St. David's Medical Center) made my stay WONDERFUL and at EASE. They (the STAFF) were so PROFESSIONAL, CARING, ATTENTIVE, RESPECTFUL, and CONCERN for ME and MY HEALTH (including eating habits). Made sure I was SAFE and PROPER CARED FOR. This Hospital is the BEST of the BEST I have EVER had the PLEASURE of having to be admitted and also Emergency Room Visit. Just as the South St. David's Medical Center was for just my Emergency Room Visit months before having the pleasure of having to go to this St. David's Medical Center. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEIR SERVES. (2 months ago)

My wife delivered our first child here. The whole experience was great. Staff was friendly and professional. The room and service were excellent. Even the cafeteria was way better than I expected. (3 weeks ago)

My wife was taken there after a mini stroke and was only diagnosed with a near sinkable episode. She was with me and a home health care nurse when this happened and I was a firefighter and EMT first 20 years and know the signs of a stroke. Yes they did do a CT scan and found signs of the stroke she had 5 days earlier from which she was released from the same hospital. I asked them to check her vision impairment at that point was chastised by the RN saying the do not do that that in a ER. I am Sammie’s Husband and asked to see a Doctor to ask about her care and never seen one. They also expected my wife to walk down the hallway to leave the facility when she has total vision loss. I did at least convinced them she needed a wheelchair, to me their behavior is borderline patient neglect. After my wife got home I have observed that she has lost more vision then before her sinkable episode as the hospital says. Since I have had medical training I understand more then most people that go to the ER with a loved one and do not wish the care that is given at this facility (2 months ago)

I had outpatient back surgery April 19, 2018 at St David's Hospital. The care that I received for the Registered Nurses was outstanding!!Every RN was knowledgeable, skillful and fun. I felt safe. Best care ever!! Pat Armstrong (2 months ago)

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