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WESTON, WI 54476

Weston, WI 54476 ... Ministry Saint Clare's Hospital offers exceptional primary and specialty care and is nationally recognized for treatment of heart attack patients.

St Clares Hospital Of Weston is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Marathon County, WI.

St Clares Hospital Of Weston does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Clares Hospital Of Weston is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Recently was admitted for a kidney infection and it was my first time ever having to stay in a hospital, not to mention that I was new to the area and had no idea what kind of reputation the hospital had. The care I recieved here was awesome! Everyone constantly had smiling faces and was so friendly. The nurses (especially Kayla, Jenna & Melissa) made me feel like I was at home and less scared. Its nice knowing you're in good hands when you're scared. Everyone here was constantly so kind and I'd recommend this hospital for anyone. (a month ago)

Completely dissatisfied. I had one past visit that was decent, to be fair, but my recent experience was disgusting. The medical staff can't get an IV in to safe their life (or anyone else's) and a lot of time was wasted with nonsensical procedures no one knew how to properly do. I met with the PA (Kuphal) who was incredibly rude, condescending, and tried to talk down to me by mansplaining everything and talking to me like I was 5. I am an educated, informed, and professional adult and do not tolerate this kind of mannerism. The information he was presenting was not correct (in terms of my records) and he essentially called me a liar when I tried to correct him. (Pretty sure I know my own medical history.) I ended up leaving on my own accord because of the lack of competency and professionalism. (a month ago)

We have kids so we come here often! I have had a child here, everyone in my family has been to the ER here, I have been to the ER via ambulance.... Nothing but good things. We have always been treated very well whether we are in the ER, birthing center, clinic, cafeteria, you name it. This place comes highly recommended from our family! (6 months ago)

My father recently was here and I must say how impressed I was with all aspects of his care. From the doctors to the volunteers they were all very informative and kind. (4 months ago)

Dr John Olgesby is wonderful. I have been having and issue with a complex ovarian cyst for 10 years. Another ob/GYN at another hospital had me convinced it was nothing. Phantom pain. My primary Dr recommends a second opinion with a new OB/GYN at St Clares . It was Olgesby! He ordered another ultrasound and found the cyst had grown 125% since October. With in 2 weeks Olgesby had me in surgery for its removal. Sure was a relief of all the pain I was under, not to mention the mental stress for the last 10 years. It pays to get a second opinion! Great Dr that seems to keep up with modern times! (5 months ago)

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