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At St. Charles Hospital, achieving exceptional quality and patient safety involves a commitment from all levels within the organization. Learn more

St Charles Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Suffolk County, NY.

St Charles Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

St Charles Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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The waiting area and patient area could've been cleaner. That being said the staff was terrific! I visited on a Sunday and was in the waiting area for no more than 5 minutes. The nurse and Drs were attentive, caring and efficient. I hope to never have a need to visit an ER but if I do I will be going to St Charles again (a month ago)

If I could give zero stars I would ! There Emergence Dept is terrible .I fainted and fell on my head. Upon arrival I Waited 4 hours to be walked into the back . I asked the nurses to please check my blood sugar , never once did they come back to do that . The staff seemed more passionate in soothing the druggie's ailments instead of someone that just fainted out of no where. There I watched them run suboxone and xnanx instead of checking my blood sugar forget about checking me for a concussion. One word to describe this experience and ER = horrible . Go to Mather hospital down the road and thank me later ... (3 weeks ago)

I wouldn't even give a star, but in order to write a review you must. April 13 2016 is a day ill never forget, that is the day the staff in St Charles Hospital port Jeff killed my dad. They left him in the ER (not checking on him for someone, until they remixed it wad to late) to just die like someone out in the street. They didn't call family until after the fact and they never even apologized. You'll never know the pain and suffering that you caused me and my family. (3 months ago)

My initial and horrible experience was being recommended by the paramedics and ambulanced to their emergency room. After arrival, I was ignored and dismissed of my pain/injury and (unknown to them) kidney infection. The attending physican was going to discharge me in excruciating pain, unable to walk and symptomatic of an infection. I told him I was entitled to care and was not in any shape to be discharged. He then told me he would not admit me or care for me and that I'd need to wait for the next shift to get care and/or admittance - and I did. 4 days later, I am still here (admitted, not in the ER) under pretty good care. My pain/injury and diagnosed dehydration and kidney infection are being addressed and cared for... it took almost a full 24 hours to begin, but I try not to judge a hospital by it's ER. Please also note this institution charges for TV and a phone thru a 3rd party company - TV-R. I chose TV service only. Personally, I uused my cell. I told them being that I came there via ambulance, I didn't have cash or credit information, they could contact my husband. Day 4 TV-R came to my room... for a $28 payment. They told me it would be turned off due to non-payment. I assured them my husband who works 6 days, 10-12 hours a day and commutes 2.5-3 hours would be in to see me or they could call him for payment. That did not suffice with them. My TV was shut off for $28... really? I've been to 1 other hospital that charged for TV... they now offer it free. When it wasn't, we usually paid upon discharge or when we recieve a final invoice in the mail. The St. Charles and TV-R should be ashamed of themselves to keep sick people captive for such a miniscule amout of money... and for a service most hospitals offer free of charge. Patients are already stuck there, and sometimes for much longer than 4-5 days. Plan and cost of care are priority I've costs, TV is one of very few recreational outlets for patients to get away from the captivity and happenings of illness. (a month ago)

If it were possible to give less, I would. The brain injury attending physician was absolutely detrimental to my son's recovery. Insurance and blatant ignorance to his needs clearly to blame. 3wk rehab was more like less than 2 full weeks. Our family was abandoned, and outpatient follow-up care was not followed through. If ever given this hospital as an option, GO ELSEWHERE!! (a month ago)

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