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BRONX, NY 10457

St Barnabas Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bronx County, NY.

St Barnabas Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Barnabas Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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In the emergency room with my son right now we have been here for over 8 hours, my 28 yr old son has extreme right side pain and swelling from back to front, he was given some morphine and just left untill the nurse moved him over to share a curtained area with an elderly female and took his small area over to increase area for another patient... I want to sign him out to take him to a hospital closer to home where he can actually get some medical attention- if It is an appendix and this hospital let him sit for over 8 hours we will be seeking legal assistance... I understand overcrowding in city hospitals, but when I see nurses playing flirting games with each other while their patients are crying in pain it makes me furious, There was only one nurse this afternoon that was working hard. His name was Alexander, sorry but I wouldn’t take my dog here... (a month ago)

If there was a zero I would give it. Their customer service sucks, the wait is super long for no reason. They call the same people name over and over with the waiting room being empty. Usually when it's a child they should attend even faster but they take the same as if it were an adult or like someone with no issues at all. People please don't do it to yourself. Don't visit this hospital. (2 months ago)

The worst experience of my life. Had to go here after a late nighttime head injury. Would avoid this place like the plague. (a week ago)

This is a absolutely TRASH HOSPITAL they do not have no medical room to examine children’s is super dirty, I took my son with high fever vomiting and running nose, they didn’t done no type of blood test or influenza test to check on my 3 year old son. All they did was gave him some medication to bring the fever down. And they send me home with a 99.9 fever on my child, but yes they did diagnose him with the influenza without testing him. They main entrance looks like a place for homeless with all those drug addicts and bums sleeping in there. This is ridiculous that NYC has those type of hospital (3 months ago)

I had a VERY bad infection growing and they gave me Xray and Catscan just to tell me all was well, being under that impression tge infection got so BAD it ate away at my joint where Montifiore spotted 4days later and i had to undergo 2 surgeries in same spot. Never coming here again and that was my first visit. (3 months ago)

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