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FRISCO, CO 80443

Summit Medical Center is a Level III Trauma Center serviced by Flight For Life® Colorado and nationally recognized for excellence in patient satisfaction.

St Anthony Summit Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Summit County, CO.

St Anthony Summit Medical Center does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Anthony Summit Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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If you have thousands of dollars you don't know what to do with, feel free to come here. Otherwise, I'd recommend you head down to Target, get yourself a bottle of water, some super glue, and a bottle of asprin, and hope for the best. (a week ago)

this is the WORST hospital EVER!!!! I sat in my little ER room for over two hours. I saw the doctor when I first arrived and NEVER saw him again. It took them over an hour to give me a tylnol. I was in SEVER pain. Then I get my bill...this place is a price gouger...stay away. God only knows how much it would be to be admitted to this joke of a hospital. (2 months ago)

We went in to the urgent care last night and were very impressed with the immediate attention and care we received. The staff were professional, kind and respectful. We were not treated as just the next case, but people whose concerns were valid and important. Thank you to the amazing staff of nurses, doctors and administration! (3 months ago)

Without any reservations I want everyone reading this to know emphatically that I owe my life to St Anthony Summit Medical Center.They literally saved my life after a severe skiing accident I had back on April 21, 2018. I can never, ever thank them enough for saving my life and bring me back to whole. Everyone that was involved in my care from the all the amazing doctors, to the all super talented nurses, to the fantastic caring nursing assistants to the physical therapists to the occupational therapists, to all the respiratory therapists to the x-ray technicians and the housekeeping staff were all truly amazing and each one took an important roll in saving me. On that Saturday April 21, 2018, I fell while skiing at Arapahoe Basin towards the end of the day. The injuries I received were substantial. I broke 8 of the 12 ribs on my left side of my body and of those 8 breaks, 6 ribs were broken 2 times. I also broke by clavicle (collar bone) in 4 places. All told I had broken 18 bones from that one accident. The pain I was in was absolutely staggering. I was very scared and happened be skiing by myself for the day. I had the ski patrol from Arapahoe Basin call my son to come by with me and let him know about my condition After I was found by some fellow skiers, (I was unconscious) the Arapahoe Basin Ski Patrol arrived on the scene shortly after I was located, and at the same time I become conscious. I group of 5 or 6 Ski Patrollers then got me stabilized on the mountain (a monumental feat in itself with all my broken bones and the pain I was in) and then they brought me down in a toboggan and transferred my care to the Summit County Ambulance Service. The SCAS ambulance service arrived shortly after I was brought down to the First Aid The ER staff, the hospital doctors and the support staff got me admitted into the hospital and from there a staff of 6 people brought me up to ICU (intensive care unit) and got me stabilized, comfortable and brought me up to date on severity of my condition. The decision was made the expert advice of my team of medical doctors, anesthesiologist doctors and surgeons that I needed to have my ribs repaired and plated ( as many repaired as possible) and I need to plate by collarbone, which was broken in 4 places. My surgeries (rib plating and collar bone plating) took place on Tuesday, My rib plating surgeon was Dr. Jodie Taylor along with assistance by Dr. Hall during the surgery. Dr Radcliff was there to guide my recovery during the entire week. Dr. Taylor did an amazing job with my surgery that was very successful. My collar bone plating surgery was done by Dr. Janes, who did an fantastic job. Both are healing very nicely, My anesthesiologist were Dr. Beneke, Dr. Peterson and Dr. Jenkins, the Head of Anesthesiology, who assisted during my epidural installation Nurses and Nursing Assistants - The line up of talented of nursing staff ( Haley, Kelly, Kelly, Dori, Kholton to name a few) at St.Anthony's and Nursing Assistants is truly impressive. Each day of my recovery presented new challenges. The Nursing staff was with me ever step of the way. The got me up and walking right away which I know has made a huge difference in my quick recovery. I have been at St. Anthony's for approximately 15 shifts and each set of staff including the nurses to the housekeeping crew have more than been terrific. Cuz of all of them I am all set to be discharged tomorrow. Recommendations - From family to friends, I highly recommend this hospital. They take a 100% Whole Person Care Team approach to patient care and I felt well cared for every step of the way. Send your family members to St. Anthony's for amazing care. They saved my life and I love them for it (3 weeks ago)

Worst hospital ever. It’s a very small facility, we went there for my son’s ankle twist , got an Advil and Tylenol. When we came back home and saw the bill, the amount was ridiculous it was more than what we spent for flights and hotel togather. Avoid this hospital at all cost, search for an urgent care in that area that will work out more cheaper and better. They filed insurance claim as an emergency visit which is a big joke. Call center won’t listen if you ask them to change the claim to urgent care. (a month ago)

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