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St. Anthony North Health Campus is a hospital in Westminster, CO that features an ER, birth center, breast center, rehabilitation clinic and more.

St Anthony North Health Campus is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Broomfield County, CO.

St Anthony North Health Campus does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Anthony North Health Campus is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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My family has been to the hospital for various reasons from annual check-ups/testing to life-threatening illnesses that required a hospital stay for about 3 1/2 weeks. The admissions process for the women’s center is frustrating. There are a few employees that are very rude and my concerns have been addressed with the hospital. The overall care my family member received during a long stay was good. The doctors are good... just difficult waiting to get updates and results was frustrating. There was an issue with a nurse that was not an employee but a contractor. I don’t believe they should allow nurses to be contractors - they should be a hospital employee. I never felt comfortable leaving my family member alone at the hospital and wasn’t able to feel that they would receive the care from the CNAs and nurses they needed without a member of the family helping out and being there almost 24/7. There are some great nurses and doctors there that deserve to be recognized for the level of care they offer. During difficult times, the care of a loved one isn’t something you should be concerned about. (a month ago)

My doctor is located here, I've had PT, an MRI, and I've been into the ER. Ive had great experiences here. Always greeted as I walk in the main entrance. I rarely wait more than 5 minutes to be seen, and the ladies are wonderful. Thank You! (a month ago)

Inexperienced nurses/physician assistants in the ED (emergency department) at St. Anthony North Health Campus misdiagnosed me with "something viral", despite pain behind my belly button, erratic fevers over the past day, and a high white blood cell count. All these signs point exactly to appendicitis, which I suggested, yet these medical professionals were certain it was not that. Based on their (mis)diagnosis, I then figured I did not need an expensive, radiation-laced CT scan and they sent me home. Well, I actually DID have appendicitis that day, which had it been properly diagnosed by the nurses/physician assistants (I actually never even saw a Doctor) at St. Anthony North Health Campus, I would NOT have had my appendix burst over the next few days. The burst appendix subsequently landed me in the hospital (not St. Anthony) for 9 days, and then an additional 4 days in the hospital two weeks later due to bowel complications from the burst appendicitis. Had St. Anthony's medical professionals caught it that day, it would have been a same-day outpatient surgery. Instead, I now have over $10,000 in medical bills and had to miss 1.5 months of work. We have written a few letters to St. Anthony's explaining the situation, pointing out their negligence and how their nurses/physician assistants rendered a premature diagnosis without a FULL examination (CT scan), given the obvious signs of appendicitis. These people keep providing nonsensical excuses, claiming they followed their "standard of care" despite sending me home with appendicitis that day. We are consulting numerous attorneys at this point, but I believe that it is in everyone's best interest to avoid this hospital. Not only for their poor service, but also for how the senior management team at the hospital will treat you after their medical professionals have clearly misdiagnosed you. These are the plain and simple facts. (4 weeks ago)

An amazing hospital beautiful! I had my son there and go there for everything. The staff are excellent and polite never had a problem. (3 weeks ago)

I got billed about $6k for broken toes. I was at the hospital for maybe an hour or two total. They took a few x-rays and had me leave once verifying that my foot was not otherwise damaged. SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS. I was repeatedly told that the hospital was working with my insurance, and that they were waiting on forms to complete the billing. I was told repeatedly that this was not my final bill, and that they were waiting on my insurance. Then they sent the bill to pre-collections while still also telling me that my bill was being negotiated with insurance. Now the bill in non-negotiable and going to impact my credit unless I pay the amount in full. Terrible communication and ridiculously priced. I wish I had never gone to the hospital in the first place. What a racket. (2 months ago)

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