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St Agnes Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Fond Du Lac County, WI.

St Agnes Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Agnes Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Came to ER on 5/14/18 concerned about possible blood clot. First, the process was fast and easy . Kaitlen drew my blood fast and painlessly. Registration woman was very, very nice, patient, and the Ultrasound lady, explained EVERY step before performing it. I felt I was really being cared about and cared for, which is a HUGE DEAL. Perhaps there should be a separate area for pediatrics triage, and employees should not discuss OTHER PATIENTS in front of current patients. Also, I would have appreciated talking to my doc to discuss results, rather than a nurse/medical assistant in the waiting room in front of strangers during my discharge. I had questions that weren't answered. Guess that's why God made Google...all done in less than 2 hours! All and all, it was good experience. To the naysayers, I guess all Emergency rooms have peak times when service is slow, but they try hard here. (a week ago)

If you're pregnant and are thinking about epidural injections, St Agnes does not allow anyone in the room. Family members, husbands, wives are told to leave. The only support the mother-to-be will have is a nurse. Hopefully, she will be a good support. Absolutely ask a lot of questions regarding experience, please. (in the last week)

My child was born in this hospital on Apr. 06 2018. The OB doctors, the nurse group are amazing except one white male trash collector in the building for baby delivery. This white male trash collector entered the delivery room right after the baby was born and before the ob doctor to start stitching my wife’s vagina. When did trash collection become such an emergent task and has to be done during operation? After collecting the trash, this white male trash collector did not leave and standing against the wall, Watching the vagina stitching for at least 5 minutes just like watching a show. The young Asian doc is busy stitching and have no time to drive him out and the 2 nurses are busy caring the newborn, this white trash collector just stood there watching from the back of the ob doc and kept making some noise from his throat to remind us his existence, two meters away. I hope this will never happen again to other patients. By the way, when our family just signed in for delivery. This white male trash collector was passing us with hatred in eyes, the only reason I can think is due to race since we have never met before. (a month ago)

I wish I could give negative stars. Plainly put - this place is pathetic. The operators are completely inept; I was on hold for 33 minutes trying to simply get me to a nurses station in my Father’s floor. They transferred me everywhere throughout the hospital, except for where I needed to go. The standard of care was second rate, the nurses were more interested in decorating for an upcoming party than tending to my Fathers needs. One nurse was coughing all over the place. There were 7-8 different human hairs stuck to the side of the CT machine - absolutely disgusting. Things got delayed several times, time frames given were never accurate, and no one ever provided any update on anything. Bottom line - if you have a choice in healthcare - go anywhere else. Literally - anywhere else. (a month ago)

I even do not want to give one star. I had a worst experience in this hospital. What i say, this hospital is worst hospital in u.s. Staff and nurses are rude. Do not understand and pay attention what patient is saying. Just keep saying. Dont see someone is standing. Keep talking with their staff. Make you wait alot even in emergency. What I say and recommend do not go to that hospital. (2 weeks ago)

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