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SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital is an academic medical center in St. Louis that serves as the teaching hospital for Saint Louis University School of ...

Ssm Health Saint Louis University Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Saint Louis City County, MO.

Ssm Health Saint Louis University Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ssm Health Saint Louis University Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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I would NOT recommend this place. My husband had a cyst removed, and every step of the process was flawed. We needed countless consultations (which is fine, and understood). He scheduled his surgery a few months ahead of time. It was supposed to be a 30-45 min procedure under local anesthetic, and leave no scarring. We discussed all the details during our many consultations. We arrived early and paid the cost upfront (which is supposed to protect you from extra costs down the line). When we arrived, they started prepping my husband for general anesthetic (NOT the local we had discussed over many visits). No warnings, no education on the risks... We had to insist in order to get them to stick to the original plan. Our doctor was 3 hours late. The surgery took 4 hours (not the promised 30-45 min). And they put my husband under general anesthetic. I received mixed updates during the surgery about complications. BUT when the doctor came to talk to me after the surgery, he didn’t mention any complications until I called him out and asked about them. Icing on the cake is the giant, ragged scar left behind. If you have a choice, choose any place but this one for your medical needs. Unprofessional, untalented, and intentionally misleading. (5 months ago)

Both people at the front desk are RUDE AS HELL TO EVERYONE... even when you are extremely polite to them. It is filthy as described in other comments, but the nursing staff and doctors are great. Bottom line, u go here for the staff care and nothing else! (4 months ago)

After a major car accident I was air lifted to SLU, per my request. Every step was taken to save my life and give me the highest quality of life I could have. The staff was wonderful. The food was good. When all 4 limbs and plevis are broken it takes a team for everything. And that is precisely what I had. An amazing team! (a year ago)

Worst ER! First I was sent to my local ER by my doctor because he couldn't figure out why my vision went blurry all of a sudden. After three hours there and tests done and still not figuring anything out they called SLU and SLU wanted me to come to them. They said they wanted me up there for a MRI and to see a neurologist and to be tested for MS. After an hour ride in the ambulance we arrived at 4am and got placed in a ER room. I had to tell my story to at least six different people until around 6-7am the eye doctor came in and spent 20 minutes dong an eye exam and sent me home with a prescription of ibuprofen and over the counter eye drops. I never got the MRI or seen the neurologist. And even tho my vision is back, I can't be in a room with bright lights or be outside in daylight without shades because my eyes hurt so bad and now I have a whole new list of symptoms. This hospital waisted my time. They didn't do what they said they were going to do and even the EMT that was riding with me knew this would happen. That's sad. Then after being discharged they didn't Care how I got home. I had to wait an hour and a half because of traffic for my husband to pick me up but while I waited I got to talk with several other discharged patients from that night and their experience was the same. One woman was there due to domestic abuse and that is all I heard the nurses complain about outside my room. They had no consideration for the patients.... Complaining loudly about wanting to switch to 1st shift from 3rd shift, "that patient keeps falling asleep"(well yea, she was there all night)etc. The entire er felt like one of those jail hospitals or county hospitals you see on TV shows that no body wants to go to. I never want to go back. (10 months ago)

My husband stayed here 2 different times. I give SLU an average rating. As far as the staff well some are really good at their job and some not so good. We had problems with some of the nurses not being attentive and taking care of my husband's needs. I was very fortunate that he had a private room and I was able to stay with my husband during the time he was hospitalized. He is getting ready to go back to SLU Hospital for surgery here in a few hours. I hope his stay will be better than the last and I also hope he gets a private room after he gets out of ICU so I can stay with him. It's much easier than me having to travel back and forth from Southern Illinois to St Louis and back. I think they should accomodate out of state least for a spouse and immediate family...especially if it is something serious (a year ago)

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