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SSM Health DePaul Hospital - St. Louis is a Level II Trauma Center and acute-care hospital serving North St. Louis County. Learn more.

Ssm Health Depaul Hospital St Louis is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Saint Louis County, MO.

Ssm Health Depaul Hospital St Louis does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ssm Health Depaul Hospital St Louis is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I broke the joint in my elbow on March 13, 2013. For my surgery, they had to cut into my arm near the elbow and put it back together. The surgery itself went smoothly. One second I was awake in the operating room, the next I was awoken shivering in the recovery room. There was a nurse right there who brought me an extra blanket. I get back to my room and ate a bag of pretzels only to get sick a few minutes later. They stitched me up and put me in a half cast. I had to go back a few weeks later to get the stitches removed. I've never broken a bone, so I have never needed stitches so I didn't know what they were supposed to look like during and after they're taken out. I thought it looked awful. As the wound healed and an ugly looking scar developed, I thought it looked very sloppy. Even all of my close friends and family agreed that it isn't supposed to look like that (including some nurses). I waited it out to see if maybe it would change, but 5 years later and it still looks the same. I also noticed the bone in my elbow sticks out significantly more than my other elbow and every time I extend my arm I feel it pop and I don't know if that is how it's supposed to be, but I know for sure the scar should not have healed looking that way. I heard a lot of negative comments on DePaul and they have a bad rap as far as I know, but I just hoped they would fix me. Even though they technically did; it was sloppy work and I don't think the surgeon knew all of what they were doing or they just didn't care. I wish I knew that surgeons name. I will update this review if/when I find out. if you can go to a different hospital, I would. Now I have to go on with an ugly looking scar on my body for the rest of my life because I trusted the wrong person/place. (3 weeks ago)

I went to the ER on Friday 4/20 for chest pains. They got me right in which I have never experienced. They got me to my room at 4:30 a.m. I was told that I was scheduled for a stress test on Monday. So laying in the hospital for 3days until my stress test is unexaccptable. So I had the stress test at 10:30 and was back in my room at 1pm. Kept waiting on the doctor to come in and tell me the results and what the next course I should take. At 4:30 pm on 4/23 I asked the nurse to page the doctor and to no avail he wouldn't resond. I checked my self out after being told the doctor on staff was seeing other patients. I understand that the doctor was busy however is he the only Dr on staff that can read a stress test!!! From now on coining to Mercy!!! (4 weeks ago)

I had open heart surgery done by Dr Theodoro. What an amazing doctor and staff. The nurses in the ICU were spectacular !! (a week ago)

Horrible So i saw people laughing and talking in the waiting room. Only one in a mask like they forced me to wear. This meant 2 of us had fevers and flu symptoms. Still i sat in the waiting room for over 7 hours. When they finally brought me back I didn't even get a room. Just put in the hall for about an hour and rushed out. They didn't want to give me a doctors notice for work saying if i mentioned a fever it'd be excusable. As if i dont know what my jobs policies are. What they prescribed me had my stomach in knots. Every 5 or so minutes I felt like I was having contractions. They said just come back. I barely made it there and it was a struggle getting home. Come back at 4am. So the doctor isn't ay liberty to send a different anti biotic to the store based on the patient experiencing a negative side effect? I went back and they wanted to take me through the whole process again, wait, and charge me 200 after Id spent over 8 hours there. My provider said leave! Go to urgent care. Customer service was horrible. Just such a bad experienced for feeling the worst I've ever felt. (2 months ago)

If I could give a zero I would. My boyfriend and I went in at 3:45 last Sunday because he needed a CT scan as a result of high blood pressure that caused him to pass out at work. We sat for 3 hours and no one asked how he was doing or anything at anytime. When his mom asked how long it would be before he could be seen, we were told there were 8 more people to be placed before him. This was at 6:45pm. However, people with the sniffles and homeless looking for warm rooms for the night received care before an emergency CT scan. He was supposed to receive medication after the scan but we ended up leaving without a scan or meds due to the wait. I will never at anytime go to this hospital ever again. I will drive to Barnes in St Peters (farther from me) than go here. (3 months ago)

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