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LAWTON, OK 73505

Southwestern Medical Center offers outpatient and inpatient care to members of the Lawton/Ft. Sill and surrounding communities. The staff of Southwestern Medical ...

Southwestern Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Comanche County, OK.

Southwestern Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Southwestern Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Honestly wouldn’t even rate this ER a one star because from the moment i walked in there were nothing but attitudes. I asked for someone to take my paper because it had all my information on it and there were two ladies not doing anything but talking to one another and the lady then snatched it out of my hand, rolled her eyes, and then told me to have a seat. Get back to the room, my nurse was fine but the doctor comes running in claiming i have a rash ... i wasnt nor do i need to be seen for a rash what so ever. He was in here for three minutes and said i needed steroids. Turns out the three other patients in here also need that. (a month ago)

The ER Department in this hospital is wonderful. Cindy and Chessa are awesome! I was seen quickly and had a very empathetic doctor who seemed like he really cared. The birthing center of the hospital, not so much. I did not have a very good experience when I had my last child there. (3 months ago)

I don’t like writing bad reviews but I feel compelled to tell my story. On Tuesday April 17 I brought my daughter into the ER with breathing complications and severe pain on the left abdomen, left arm and back. We were brought back and vitals were taken. The Dr soon after requested blood work, urine sample and an X-ray. Her urine sample came back that she was dehydrated so he ordered an IV of fluids and morphine. He soon after that ordered a CT scan. After a while he comes in and starts asking my daughter all these questions in a way that he thinks she is lying to him. He eventually looks at me and tells me she is constipated and her blood work just shows she is fighting an infection of some sort. He made me feel like I was there for stupid reasons and was just wasting his time. He discharged us with laxatives and anti nausea meds. 2 days goes by and there is no improvement what so ever, she actually became worse. She started to run a fever, throwing up and dizzy. I take her to an urgent care clinic for a second opinion. Come to find out she is not constipated at all. She infact has pneumonia!! How does a Dr miss such a diagnosis?!?! We are not talking constipation with infection in the digestive tract. We are talking about the respiratory system! An infection in the lungs!!!! I feel like the treatment plan I was sent home with just hurt my daughter more then helped for the simple reasons of treating for a condition she didn’t even have. This is very upsetting for me as a parent and a resident of the community. I hope we don’t have to return to the ER anytime soon but it makes me nervous if I will get the same neglectful treatment in the future. On a positive note, after getting the CORRECT treatment, my daughter has made a complete 180 and is doing so much better! (2 months ago)

Normally I would be giving a more positive review on this hospital, but last night or should I say around 1:35 am on march 23 2018 the visit I experienced there was not all positive. I had no problem with the doctor or the lab techs or nurses, but the receptionist and the lady doing the vitals is another story. Upon arrival with my 12 year old to the hospital the receptionist was on the phone and didn't acknowledge us until after we had been there a good ten minutes. When she did acknowledge us she had an attitude, no smile, how can I help you, nothing. She did not communicate at all except for to ask me to sign some papers. Very rude and unprofessional. She was giving ugly looks at the people going in to the hospital One older man asked about the courtesy phone and she answered him in a short rude way and when he said thank you, she just ignored him. She made us feel very unwelcome and a bother to her. When leaving I thanked her and asked if she needed anything else from us and she didn't even answer us and just looked at us with a rude face. Felt very unwelcome. The doctor that attended my daughter was completely the opposite, very courteous , understanding and made us feel welcome. As did the lab tech and the nurse that did the flu and strep test on my daughter. The receptionist doesn't need to be working at this hospital with that attitude, this is the first time I have seen this lady and I hope I never have to deal with her again. She walks around with a mad at the world attitude and does not act like she wants to be working there. Very upset with this visit and I hope that someone will correct the way she interacts with patients (3 months ago)

Two months ago, I went into the ER with severe upper abdominal pain. I explained my symptoms to the doctor who seemed annoyed and rolled his eyes at me. He had me drink a GI cocktail that didn't work. When he asked if it helped, I said no so again he rolls his eyes and says he will order bloodwork. An hour goes by and they bring in a male patient next to me. He complains of the exact same symptoms I was having. The same doctor sees him (I can hear every thing since there are only curtains dividing patients.) The doctor orders an abdominal CT stat, morphine and an abdominal ultrasound. The doctor then comes to my bed and tells me my bloodwork is fine and I'm being discharged. I ask about getting a CT. He says I don't need it. The only conclusion I could come to is this doctor is biased towards women. He shouldn't be practicing in any hospital let alone an ER. I will never come back. (3 months ago)

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