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Photo: Southside Regional Medical Center

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Southside Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Petersburg City County, VA.

Southside Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Southside Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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I was in this ER all day into the evening yesterday, throwing up and feeling really awful. I have been a nurse for 47yrs., although retired for yrs., and have to praise the ENTIRE STAFF for the fast and expert care I received!! My nurses were awesome, Megan was one(I am terrible with names)! The Dr. I had was so nice I have to say THANK YOU to Dr Haling for making me feel confident I would be well taken care of, which I was!!! I also must thank Dr.Gilliam & his team for making me feel at ease with the emergency procedure I had to have!! Then the physician that put me to sleep, I have to say thank you Dr.Parsons for letting me know exactly what you were going to do BEFORE you did it and the just your attitude, it made me totally relaxed!!!🎶 I must say I have NEVER HAD A BETTER EXPERIENCE AT ANOTHER EMERGENCY ROOM IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, SO THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! Susan (3 weeks ago)

Absolutely horrible experience. Took my sister for a very simple procedure and ended up her being stuck with a needle multiple times and being turned away. Doctors gave no answers and receptionist was very lost and carefree to my concerns. Ended up going to MCV to get much better service. Don't waste your time and body. If you care about your loved ones, defer from this location. (a month ago)

Was recently in on 4 different occasions to have vaccines done and had something go wrong every time. Had the wrong wristband placed on me, noticed after my vaccine that the nurse was not wearing gloves, was not given a band-aid after my vaccine and bled all over the place, had the wrong insurance billed, and waited in the ER for 3 hours for a vaccine. Will never go to this hospital again. I did have one great nurse who pushed things along and did her job correctly, but that’s where the compliments end. (a week ago)

very rude, think they can say what ever... very disgusting sad that if u live in peters burg with no transportation u have to go there its super sad.... if there white there racist and discriminated against my age ( They said How come im not working that im too young to receive ssd/ssi......) mind u i have diabetes type 1 and some other stuff no stars (in the last week)

Incompetent billing department. You give them BOTH insurance cards, yet only Medicare is billed...but NOT the secondary. No matter HOW MANY TIMES you give it, they just won't bill the secondary. Then, they have the gall to harass you for payment and even send you to collections! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! You can't afford to GO TO THIS HOSPITAL and you can't afford to NOT GO! I'm sick of fighting with them anytime I need to go, this has happened TWICE now. The first bill I fought it until I decided to get the BBB involved. They claimed the ''delay'' was my fault. SERIOUSLY??? I did my part, NOW DO YOURS! (4 months ago)

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