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1140 RT 72 W, MANAHAWKIN, NJ 08050
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1140 RT 72 W

Southern Ocean Medical Center is a premier provider of health services to consumers located in the Southern area of Ocean County.

Southern Ocean Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Ocean County, NJ.

Southern Ocean Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Southern Ocean Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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The sole purpose of me giving this place one star is because I don’t have the option to rate it zero stars. I arrived at SOMC at around 125 130 am with my 2 week old newborn baby. The staff and nurse at the front desk were extremely helpful and got us in the back within 5 minutes. But when we got in the back we sat for an hour and even asked the nurse to find a doctor not once but twice due to the rash on my daughters face getting worse. After the mother of my child begged the nurse to get the doctor a second time she told us that he would see us whenever he can so we told her we were leaving and going to Jersey Shore the nurse then told us to “do what we had to do”. I will never come to this hospital ever again. (a week ago)

I have been to the ER 3 times in the last 2 weeks. The first time I was submitted I give the visit 5 Stars because of the care and concern i received from Kim V. This employee is exemplary with the care and kindness that I was given. Kim is also smart and knowledgeable. I was also taken care of by Mary Kay whom was also kind and took care of me. My second visit however was the complete opposite. When I was discharged the nurse rushed through the halls with me in the wheel chair and having severe back pain did not help. She then dumped me by the revolving door and left. My back pain is so severe and I was in shock I was dumped like a piece of garbage by the revolving door. It sucks when you are treated like a piece of garbage and still have to pay for the ER visit. For my 3 visit I saw Kim V. and I was so relieved. I was also taken care of by Nurse Doyle. Also, good. But I just have to say that Kim V is the whole package and if not for her your Fast Track ER would really suck!!!! (3 months ago)

i had to leave with my three week old baby and take her to Jersey Shore in Neptune almost a hour away because of Soch’s careless, rude, and unprofessional staff. With a newborn baby projectile vomiting and rashing up by the second. we waited for a nurse for 30 minutes after asking to see someone she just came in said poor baby, and left. Asked again 20 minutes later if I could feed her because the man who admitted us said not to but she was starving. She replied oh i dont know ill ask and told us to feed her. When i did the rash immediately got worse and i screamed for a doctor when i was told ill get to you when ill get to you. We left and went to jersey shore where i was seen immediately and had emergency tests done. The were appalled SOCH would have me feed a projectile vomiting newborn who had tell tale signs of a obstruction. basically they just wanted me to shut her up. I will never be back or let anyone i care about visit this hospital again. (a week ago)

My wife was diagnosed with another form of cancer again. Needing to find a surgeon to remove the cancer ,she chose Dr. Khoo. I am extremly impressrd with his positive attitude on getting all the cancer out, his light hearteness, and confidence he displays. He did the surgery and removed all the cancer like he said...and gave me my wife back!! Thank you so much Dr. KHOO. (2 months ago)

Only reason i gave it 1 star was because i couldnt give it a 0. Theyre either understaffed or just not caring at all. Sat there today for 4 hours with a 101.2 fever and possibly having appendicitis. Appendidcitis can kill you if the apendix ruptures and you dont get help quick. I was sitting there the whole time in agonizing pain almost literally begging someone to get me in the back or to atleast have a doctor or nurse come check me. I was told if i didnt want to wait i could leave. I asked them what would happen if i came in, in an ambulance. They told me they were having people who came in by AMBULANCES waiting in the lobby as well. Unreal. Unacceptable. There was over a 26 person wait. 2 people were sitting there with infants in a lobby full of sick people. The 2 parents were there as long as i was and were not offered a different area to sit or anything (Childrens waiting lobbey). I will never go here again even if i was severly injured i would drive up to community. (3 months ago)

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