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Photo: Southern California Hospital at Hollywood

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Compassionate care by an expert medical staff utilizing some of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies available

Southern California Hospital At Hollywood is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Southern California Hospital At Hollywood does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Southern California Hospital At Hollywood is a proprietary hospital.

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If you want to die this is the place for you. My brother was transferred to this hospital by an ER that said they didn't have room for him at their facility. He gets to this facility they give him a cat scan, and inserted tubes in his nose to pump mucus out. On the 3rd day he sent me a video of a mental health patient that wondered into his room. I drove an hour to get to him to discharge him against medical advise due to them still not having any results on what was wrong. I took him to another ER closer to home and they immediately admitted him. His appendix had ruptured and had been ruptured for approximatley 7 days. This amazing doctor said if I hadn't had brought him when I did my brother would have died from all the poison in his body. They removed his appendix and he's been fine ever since. I don't understand with all the test that So Cal hospital ran for 2 1/2 days and no results then to take him to another ER and they find out it's his appendix less then a hour of being there. This hospital is a death wish. I would never advise anyone to go here it needs to be shut down and condemned. i agree with some of the other reviews they try to keep you there against you will so that they can just collect money and use you as a guinea pig and run test that still don't tell you what's wrong. (a month ago)

The staff at registry and RNs are nice and helpful but for some reason every time i go here to get a bed for volunteer psychiatric hospitalization when i am being medically cleared i never get to see the doctor even when i am throwing up blood and have bloody stools in my poop the doctor just keeps ignoring me and medically clears me anyway just for his convenience. This is very sad to be mistreated by the doctor here. Other than that no complaints (a week ago)

My brother was in this hospital for a week. It was the worst experience he has ever had. He came out of the hospital much sicker then when he went in. The doctors ( we had to request a change of doctor and that wasn't any better) refused to give pain management and were very rude, abusive and unprofessional. The nurses were physically, mentally, and verbally abusive. I talked to the Case Manger, the Charge nurses, his nurses different times of the day telling them he was in excruciating pain to please go give him something for the pain. I had to talk to the doctor to get him more then a Motrin. I had to order them to take a physical look at him to see why he was in so much pain so they would believe him. He didn't eat the entire time he was there because the food was so horrible. We had to pay cash for an ambulance to come get him and take him to an ER to a REAL hospital and had to take him out "against medical advice" which worked fine with us because we didn't want their advice. If you care about your health, DO NOT go to this hospital! I would give a negative number if it would allow me to!!! I agree with Yvonne below: "This hospital is a death wish. I would never advise anyone to go here it needs to be shut down and condemned. (2 weeks ago)

I have been hearing for year from people had been a patient in this hospital that the attitude of staff is not so friendly so I made visit just to see what kinda reaction I would get at front desk I can see as I walk in the receptionist had this look on face like she wanted to jump out of her skin and run a way it didn't surprise me because for the past year and a half I have been experience a flood of bad altitude even when most of the time I kept a positive altitude so I know one when I hear one not but responsibility for there verbal action toward other people especially with the climates we are living in be nice so it can start affecting people in a good way (2 weeks ago)

PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE GOING!! Googled this number because i wanted to check on one of the residents that we have at our facility, and boy these reviews are correct. First and foremost the nurse that i was talking to was rude, and kept asking me my title because i couldnt understand what she was saying nor understand if she was saying G.I. or D.I. she said that my resident was going to be transferred to another hospital and then when i questioned her about it...heres the kicker...hold on to your horses....SHE GAVE ME THE WRONG PATIENTS INFO!! A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NAME OF THE RESIDENT I WAS LOOKING FOR. She tried to play it off afterwards but the damage was done. Very unprofessional and very disrespectful. (2 months ago)

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