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Compassionate care by an expert medical staff utilizing some of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies available

Southern California Hospital At Hollywood is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Southern California Hospital At Hollywood does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Southern California Hospital At Hollywood is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE GOING!! Googled this number because i wanted to check on one of the residents that we have at our facility, and boy these reviews are correct. First and foremost the nurse that i was talking to was rude, and kept asking me my title because i couldnt understand what she was saying nor understand if she was saying G.I. or D.I. she said that my resident was going to be transferred to another hospital and then when i questioned her about it...heres the kicker...hold on to your horses....SHE GAVE ME THE WRONG PATIENTS INFO!! A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NAME OF THE RESIDENT I WAS LOOKING FOR. She tried to play it off afterwards but the damage was done. Very unprofessional and very disrespectful. (4 weeks ago)

This is the worst hospital in the world the food was horrible i found a pubic hair in my soup .and all the Philippinos were very rude i know thats the way they are but this was to much. I wanted to jump from the roof thats how bad this place is. (2 months ago)

The reviews here really confused me, I ended up at this hospital for major surgery, the staff was quite literally the most respectful staff I've ever experienced at a hospital, including my local HCP Kaiser who used to be my "good hospital benchmark", Southern California hospital of Hollywood seriously blew me away with how kindly and attentatively I was treated, while I can't speak for more than the surgical services and recovery, every staff member I interfaced with constantly asked if I needed anything, and got it within minutes for me. I stayed 5 days and my only regret is having to go back to Kaiser for my future carer after being spoiled by this place treating me so well. (3 months ago)

Murderers! They are responsible for the death of a dear friend of mine, due to their stupidity and negligence! The stupid idiot nurses here are unqualified, even from their own stupid crappy countries. This one poor patient had a pan with vomit in it by her bed, and none of the nurses would dump it out. I dumped it out for her in the toilet and flushed it, amd one of the nurses watched me do that, and took the pan from me. Why didn't you take it away like we had asked you 3 times before, you useless moron!? This place should be shut down, and the staff should be rounded up and hanged. (3 months ago)

They refuse to let people use the bathroom, saying it's their policy!!! Please note that in the Hollywood area there are no public restrooms, so if you have the need to go either too late at night or too early in the morning, you are out of luck. So watch your step in Hollywood, as people often are forced to use the street for their bathroom needs, and now you know why! And they call themselves a hospital. What a joke! A hospital is supposed to help and treat people's afflictions. And you refuse to allow even for physiological needs? Shame on you, the ones claiming such absurdity - like it's the hospital policy not to let people use the bathroom. Of course, they also have more humane employees at this hospital. Unfortunately they are at the mercy of the ones that are not, because the ones with no respect for human needs are the ones in position of authority - supervisors, administrative staff, etc. All in all, a hospital with no respect for the needs of their clients. (9 months ago)

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