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DOTHAN, AL 36301

A Regional Referral Center. Health information, physician referral, news and events and job opportunities. (Dothan, Alabama)

Southeast Alabama Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Houston County, AL.

Southeast Alabama Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Southeast Alabama Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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The first time i went to the ER, i was experiencing shortness of breath. I was 16 weeks pregnant and got taken back pretty quick and treated. However, the floors were absolutely disgusting. It looks like they never clean the baseboards. I went back tonight at 32 weeks pregnant to be seen for a few symptoms. We waited an hour and a half and never got called back, so we left since i have an OB appointment early in the morning. This time the floors was just as bad and the bathroom in the ER waiting room was horrible! There was dry pee on the floor and trash everywhere. I’m a little concerned about delivering my baby in such a filthy hospital. Unfortunately, I’ve already paid my OB who works in the Women Medical Center (which is very clean), otherwise I’d switch hospitals. (a month ago)

The medical care at this place is excellent. However the policy that they use to give information about a loved one under their care needs to be revised. I reside in Elba my wife was in a room yesterday when she was admitted, I was up there checking on her and all was looking ok. I went home & this morning when I tried to call her room was informed she had been moved to critical care. When asked about her condition or if I could speak with her I was told I didn't have a code word to prove I was who I said I was (her husband) & the only way to get a code would be a personal appearance at the hospital which would be fine except I am on a fixed income & can't afford to drive back & forth from Elba to Dothan everyday. I would like to personally thank the rude nurses that work that floor for all their obvious I could care less attitudes for people trying to find out about their loved ones under their care. You have earned a 5 star rating in the rudeness , I could careless attitude. Congratulations for a job not well done in human to human interaction. It's a good thing all of you don't have the same snooty outlook. Update : the nurse supervisor Sarah is really super she got my problem taken care of, I cannot thank her enough. (a month ago)

Unfortunately I didn’t have a good visit. The Dr in the ER was far too quick to offer me pain medicine and send me on the way with out looking into my complaint. Very alarming to me. The ER I was in was very dirty! The floor and bathroom was disgusting! No one had mopped that floor in who knows how long! The light above my bed was filthy! Had it ever been wiped down? I couldn’t believe how nasty the rooms and halls were. Everyone I met was very friendly but that’s all I can say that’s positive. (3 months ago)

Worst, slowest, unprofessional staff I have seen since the staff at Pioneer in Blakely. After a 4 hour wait, I approach desk to see why the long long wait only to discover the triage 1 attendant didn't print my paperwork, then put me in the back for an additional wait.. Uhm.. No thanks. People stacked on top of people and they standing around laughing and talking. My insurance better not be charged a dime, I left before they killed me in fact should bill them for my time. What is this world coming to? No Work Ethics. Dang, move with a purpose. BP was fine when I arrived high as hell when I got home. So disappointed. (a week ago)

I went in for my routine mammogram and was informed they now have state of the art 3D mammography ! I have been utilizing Southeast for several years for my mammogram now and the personnel have always been super nice.! (2 weeks ago)

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