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Southampton Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Franklin City County, VA.

Southampton Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Southampton Memorial Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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So we went to the emergency room. My daughter had an ingrown toenail. She removed it herself. Her toe is purple they didn't even write her an antibiotic after they told me she was getting an antibiotic. Complete waste of time. While we were there I finally talked to my husband to getting somebody look at his is knuckle on his middle finger. He had surgery years back and he's having problems with the joint. He asked the doctor if she thought it might be arthritis and she Shrugged her shoulders at him. Then he asked how would you even check for arthritis then she looked at him like she had no idea how. Then she said it was bad enough they can do an x-ray. Did they do an x-ray? No they sent us home. (9 months ago)

Too bad I have to put 1 star to leave a review. They are incompetent and rude as hell. I brought my friend to the e.r. because he fall against a log, he was complaining about excruciating pain. The first doctor came in and touched him where he was hurting and said, "you just sprained a ligament, you are ready to be discharge( after not even an hour), you will have to pick up some tramadol for the pain and an anti-inflammatory at Walgreen and you will just have to sleep it off". The nurse came in and my friend asked if he could stay a little bit longer and her response was " you can stay for a couple more minutes but you can't stay overnight" So I raised hell and thankfully it was the night shift coming in. The 2nd Dr did and c.t scan and sent him to Norfolk general hospital where he had a surgery because he had a hole in his intestine!!!!! So if we listen to the first Dr and kept my friend sleeping in a motel room by himself for a couple of days with painkiller, he would have been dead.... Stay away from this hospital..... I don't even know why it is still open...... I forgot, 3 years ago my father in law had a stroke, they gave him the wrong meds and he had to be moved to Richmond for internal bleeding and rupture of arteries because of the med they gave him. The only thing they are good at is to charge you, or I should say OVER CHARGE YOU. (6 months ago)

Probably the worst hospital I have ever been to they take forever and do not care about the patients all they want to do is sit on their damn phones and not check the patients or give them the meds they need. All you hear is I’ll check for 4 hours. Finally for hours later you get the meds you need. Much rather go to Obici in Suffolk. (8 months ago)

I can concur with a previous post from about my ER experience. The nursing staff at this ER was amazing. They were professional and caring. Dr. Harvey was just the opposite. I had taken a loved to be treated for loss of mobility. Was walking one day and the next day could not walk. Dr. Harvey ran many tears but discharged my loved one w/out speaking to me or the patient or providing any type of diagnosis. I had to request that she come in to speak to me. When I asked why my loved on had lost mobility her response was that her job was only to treat acute illnesses and that I needed to follow up w/ my loved in primary care doc concerning the loss of mobility. Does this sound like a doc that has care or concern about patients? Again, I commend the nursing staff but doctors like Dr. Harvey give SMH a bad name. (a year ago)

Obici in Suffolk has better equipment and more knowledge (8 months ago)

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