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Since 1909, Southampton Hospital has provided the highest level of care to our patients and their families. We offer inpatient and outpatient services at our hospital ...

Southampton Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Suffolk County, NY.

Southampton Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Southampton Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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May 28th 2018 I had to drive myself to the nearest emergency room (I will never take an ambulance unless I'm in cardiac arrest) in the worse pain ever. I have a chronic disease and was having a flare up. I have never came to this hospital before and the staff and doctors didn't know much about my history. The moment I walked through the door in between vomiting and crying in pain the staff was so sweet, kind and caring. (I was very sick) i have a very high tolerance for pain because I live with this disease on a daily basis. This was the second time this month with the flare up being this intense. I was sent home on medications just to return 4 hours later i coudnt keep anything down. I went back to the same hospital because I was just there. I was admitted, had CT, Blood work, fluids, etc . I hate hospitals but I knew I had to stay. (I knew I was way to sick to go back home) Everyone from Doctors, GI, GI surgeon, every nurse from each shift, aids, cleaning people were the nicest, caring staff I have EVER experinced in my life. The hospitality was professional and appreciated. I want to say thankyou to everyone that helped me through one of the most sickest, and vulnerable times of my life. I would never go to any other hospital ever again. You showed me the true meaning of patient care. I am feeling a little better but I have to follow up and stay on top of my medications. I will be sending in letter to the hospital in a few days . Sincerely, Donna B. (a month ago)

This is clearly a third class operation. I have worked at many hospitals around the world including both university and small hospitals. This is clearly among the worst I have ever seen. The staff is not helpful unprofessional and surly. The facilities are not clean not up to date and difficult to access. It’s a good (2 months ago)

This hospital is the worse one around... doctors don't care about whether you're in pain and don't answer to no! Truly shocking that a patient is treated like that. I do give one star for the nurses and my x ray tech who were all very nice (10 months ago)

Great service and help, but slow ER waiting room. (3 months ago)

This past weekend I was in the Hamptons and had an accident at 1:30am. I burned my feet badly at the beach. We drove a 1 hour to get to the Southampton Hospital ER. When I got there, they took my information right the way and asked me to wait. I have a second-degree burn on my foot and NO one asked me if I was in pain, if I want any medication or anything. Well, 1 hour and 30 minutes past and I decided to ask the front desk what was going on and if they actually have people working. He said they were doing their best and they had just four ambulances getting into the ambulatory. I walked to the ambulatory, which is next door, and they did not seemed to have anything going on there as you can see from my pictures. In addition, two RN were just smoking outside by that time. Disrespectful! Went back inside with my foot in flame and told the front desk there was not emergency in the ambulatory and this was unacceptable. He said the ambulances had just left! I wanted to laugh but the pain I was feeling did not allow me. I was literally sitting in front the door the whole time and I believe my wife or me would have noticed four ambulances coming in and out. They JUST did not care about me or the other woman sitting there with a baby. Another 30 minutes past and I left without any care. The next day I went to this great and caring clinic in Easthampton and finally got some treatment to my feet. They should change the hospital administration or close the door as soon as possible. If you require care, please do not go to the hospital. This place should even be open! I am sharing some picture to proof my words. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! (11 months ago)

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