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South Georgia Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lowndes County, GA.

South Georgia Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

South Georgia Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Feb 23 brought in adult disabled daughter with a toxic reaction to schizophrenia medication she has been on for years, scary situation. She is was Checked in right away at 9:21. I guess attention to her was a 5, but waiting room, ER patient room and bathroom was filthy for a hospital and give it a 1, if not below. A shame and not good for a hospital!!!! Bathroom had stuff that looked like body fluids stuck to the wall by the toilet. Hospital is supposed to be sterile. Heard SGMC let cleaning people go and hired cleaning contractors. A better job needs to be done. (a month ago)

Will never come in this hospital again. First of all the people have been rude. This is by far the worst hospital er experience to date. I Brought my wife in because she passed out at home and has been experiencing pain in the lower abdomen, back and pelvic area. She has had much higher blood pressure and heart rate than normal. (Her heart rate is usually around 50 to 60 resting, been told by other doctors that is her normal after observing her for a few days.) When we came in her heart rate was 98 and she felt very faint and weak. She has been experiencing major fatigue, nausea, dizziness and headaches as well as her pain. They took blood and left her in the waiting room while a guy came in with a splinter that was bothering him was taken back after his triage. I know it's critical patients first but something is really going on with my wife and this hospital doesn't even pretend to care. (2 weeks ago)

I had a worst experience at the Emergency room 5/11/18 ... the rooms had an urine odor was seen by Dr. Adam Jones for severe Ear pain and headaches .He walk in look in my ear in said there nothing wrong u just might have a cold in walkout . Nurse came in give me my discharge papers told me to take ibuprofen for pain ... I assisted for the doctor to come back and see if he can prescribe me any type of pain medicine or ear drops for my ear I was told no its nothing he could do for me. I felt like Dr.Adam didnt have have any sympathy or lack of care on whats was going on with me .. i walk out Emergency room with same symptoms I came in with in a expensive bill !!! .So I went to the clinic and I was told that I had a nasal infection ,ear infection and fluid in my ears.i hate to leave bad review but i don't recommend this hospital or Dr.Adam .If u see a young late 20s guy run the other way . (in the last week)

anyone who knows about Tricare Prime knows that you have $0 out of pocket expense on all treatment. You think a hospital would know and understand that, but not these idiots. I’ve been harassed for almost a year and every time I get someone who isn’t completely clueless I’m told I won’t receive anymore calls, but keep getting them. In the future I will drive as far as it takes to go to a hospital that isn’t SGMC (3 weeks ago)

My Uncle is in ICU right now. The level of care shown by the nurses and on call doctor is extremely disturbing. We are trying to find a doctor in Tallahassee to accept him so we can move him out of this horrible hospital. I was there this afternoon with him. He has stage 4 cancer, that has spread from his lungs to his neck and elbow. He is in excruciating pain, and scared. My mom called his nurse while I was there this afternoon to discuss his pain management. The nurse, Emily, got angry and stormed in the room. She looked at my uncle, who is in critical condition, and says very rudely, "I do not appreciate someone else calling me to tell me my patient is in pain" I stopped her and told her that she does not need to come in his room and unload on him. She continues going back and forth, being extremely rude the entire time, because she was offended that someone questioned his pain management. She made him so upset, that he said he was scared to ask for anything else. We had her removed from his care, and afterwards we heard her talking and laughing about it right outside his room with another nurse. This behavior was absolutely disgusting. This hospital has no hospitality. You should be ashamed at how you treat your patients who are fighting for their lives. (in the last week)

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