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South Coast Global Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Orange County, CA.

South Coast Global Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

South Coast Global Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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This hospital is financially challenged. Walked in with a family member and there was vomit on the floor that wasn't taken care of until 10 mins later, and when it was getting cleaned, it was getting cleaned up with towels and a swifter. The staff is a little uneducated, but definitely in no competition with hoag. First and last time at this hospital for sure. I do believe they have the potential to be a very excellent hospital. (a month ago)

When this place was south coast community hospital had e r visit got a x ray with a broken collar bone then came back to get a copy it was lost for six years when new copy appeared no broke bones original rib x ray still in question of broke rib I'm gathering they don't want a law suit against the s a p d so their in cahoots under a different business name (3 weeks ago)

I was very impressed with the care and treatment my mom received; she went into respiratory failure and the ambulance to her here since it was the closest hospital. From the ED to CCU and finally to med/surgical floor, she was always treated with respect and dignity. The doctors and nurses explained everything to us about the plan and care, we were all impressed of the immediately care they did on arrival, and doing the needed tests to see exactly what was going on with her. The ED doctor took his time to explained everything to us and showing is the Xray results. Everyone was nice to all of us and especially my mom was always well taken care of. It is sad to see the negative reviews, because everyone we encountered were kind and explained what they were doing, her fast recovery made it even better, since with her diagnose we thought she would take longer to recover, since she has other multiple medical problems. We thanked all the doctors, nurses, tech's, social workers and other staff members for being so kind and first of all delivering a great care for her. I work in the health profession and I understand how everything works, and sometimes they have to triage patients depending on what the issue is, but like my family don't work in this field they don't understand, they were concerned about certain tests and care when they were coming to draw her labs and to make changes in her medication drips. I would asked my family to step out and let the nurses and doctors do their work. I can see how easily family members want everything done, immediately and expect no more trauma to the patient. Often it is impossible I explained to my family sometimes doctors need to run all tests to come to the main conclusion and if they come and draw it's because they needed to, if someone is sick, dehydrated or other issues at the moment can affect the blood flow so even if some patients have great veins when they're sick they collapsed. Dehydration, infection or low blood pressure, and even being with cold body temperature can affect a good blood flow. I'm mentioning this because they had to poke my mom 3-4 times, and my sister was upset right away judging the nurses and lab techs that "they didn't know what they were doing" I could see my sisters and brothets frustrations but it's because they have no idea what nurses and other health workers have to go thru on daily basis trying to save a life or help patients get better. It is sad that a lot of ppl don't appreciate what they do. Instead family focus on bad things or see everything wrong, and try to find one little thing to complaint. We appreciated everything they did for my mom, we let them do their job and whatever the doctor thought it was right at the moment to check or test, and what we got...was my mom back, stable, after she was intubated few days and blood pressure being low, atrial fibrillation, diabetic and obese on top of itger mefical issues, the outcome was not expected to turn to be great, but with such a great care, actions needed, it made a fast recovery. My family understood the doctors and nurses more and got an idea of what I go through sometimes especially with difficult patients, but sadly to say sometimes it is not the patients but the family who are difficult. Sad that they never appreciate how hard they work saving lives, for those who don't work in this field don't have any idea of all the stress, and responsibility a health worker has, often they go out of their way, and beyond to make patients feel better, and there is always a complaint or a family member who doesn't agree, and makes the care difficult on everyone which ends up affecting t he patient. Co operate and let them do their work and it will make it easy for all. (2 months ago)

Honestly the worst hospital i have ever been in my life one of my family members wad in pain she couldn't even walk and it shocked me to see she had fill papers out wait in line when we told the workers they replied with "there is more people here" well, the other people did not look in pain after we spoke to them they finally got her inside honestly these docters dont know the true meaning of an emergency believe the rating they shouldn't even have any stars at all wouldn't recommend this hospital at all in smaller words garbage. Pure garbage (3 months ago)

Sibling attends ER than was informed that her gallstones were just developing and can be self cared then got sent home wiith prescription .2nd following day my sibling was informed she has a UTi uren infection my sister wasn't examinated and did not have pain where she urinates And the 3rd following day she attend Foutain valley regional hospital and was informed her appendix irrupted , Hurts to know my young sister wasn't tookin care of , or didn't receive the attention yuu would assume in the ER . (3 months ago)

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