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Photo: South Baldwin Regional Medical Center

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FOLEY, AL 36535

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Baldwin County, AL.

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Sorry but this needs to be updated once again. We are all squared away on our bill the billing department was very good to deal with once they us got on the same page. We were even afford a discount for paying in one lump sum THANKS. So finally all is well still don't understand the CT bill of 11K OUCH!!! So got a update and the CT with contrast is on the bill (after many tries) at $11,347.38 NO WAY is this reasonable or fair WTH???? The in take staff was very good. The ER male nurse was deplorable and very unprofessional he felt he had to share sexual jokes with me and my wife when I mentioned this to the room nurse it was laughed off. Once in my room it was boarder line clean and attentive. The Doctor on staff was very caring and nice. The cleanliness of the ER was very poor the room was acceptable not overly clean but OK. For the most part is was acceptable but now way as good or clean as the ones we have in Iowa. We will be back next year as snow birds and if needed again we will probable go to another hospital further away to feel more comfortable. (2 months ago)

Omg. The worst ER ever . To much detail. Worst service mayb 1 or 2 person showed a little kindness.. Only 1 doc on the floor on a sat evening. Been waiting over an hour and not 1 person said anything to us. The 1 doc they had spent the whole time in 1 room. Rookie seems to b with no signs of a superior doc. (a week ago)

In March 2018, I came to visit family living in Foley. During my stay, I had an accidental injury in the evening hours and required immediate medical care. I developed excruciating pain, bruising, and swelling in my hand, wrist, and forearm. I went to the Emergency Room, got checked in, and waited to be seen. A couple of hours later, I was taken to an exam room to wait again. Then, I was taken for x-rays of my hand and wrist. Eventually, I saw the nurse practioner and received a steroid injection and an anti inflammatory injection. She said there was nothing else they could do and to follow up with an orthopedic doctor. Before leaving, I had to ask to have my hand and wrist immobilized with a brace to help with the severe pain I experienced with any movement. The nurse practioner returned after a lengthy disappearance with an x-large brace that was huge and didn't fit properly. (I'm 5"2 with a petite frame, 6 inch wrist). She stated she had to go looking where the operating room supplies were to find one, and that it was the only hand-wrist brace available in the entire hospital. So, I left wearing an x-large brace. ( I learned later from an orthopedic hand surgeon that I had ruptured a large main tendon.) I received the ER bill and it was astronomical compared to the level of care that was administered! The total bill was close to or little under $6,000 !! I visited the hospital billing department and glanced at the itemized bill. I was charged (approximately) $1,800 for being seen in the ER, $1,500 for 3 xray views of hand, $1780 for 3 xray views of wrist, around $600 for 2 injections, and $250 something dollars for a brace that did not fit and had to be replaced. I complained to the clerk and stated that I felt the charges were extremely inflated in comparison to the services rendered. She said that the prices are the biggest complaint she hears and to be happy that I didn't have a CT scan because they start at $10,000 to $13,000!!!!!! In my opinion, there is no way these charges can be justified, even though they are related to emergency care. This facility needs to examine their pricing policies and stop taking advantage of insurance companies and their patients!!!!!! What a disservice to the community! (a week ago)

The only thing they are good for is the free Wi-Fi and vending machines. The E.R staff are jokes and there are only two ladies I like and they work in triage. Besides the E.R, I must say that the rest of the hospital is good and efficient. They need to work on the E.R department and it's staff as soon as they can. (a month ago)

I went there to deliver my son.My Obgyn delivered there.When I arrived the staff was annoyed,rude and seemed unhappy.I was in a TON of pain and gave it little mind.Until I got to L&D.The nurse I got was nice enough.But was still new.Her lead who kept coming in....She was rude.Beyond rude.They didn't listen to me.They refused to believe I was in labor.After trying to send me home 3 times they discovered I was not only in labor but there was something WRONG.they were rude,inexperienced and put my son and i in danger.Luckily After 10 hrs of HELL i delivered and he was ok.But I would stay clear.very clear of this hospital.Ive had another child and know that shouldn't of been my experience.To be told my pain is invalid and oh well you'll be fine at home was horrible.Also if I hadn't stood my ground and had gone home I'm pretty sure I would have lost my son.Because even in the hospital they could barely keep his heart rate up.This place really made my experience horrible.Also hevean FORBID they actually send you in a lactation specialst.I asked 5 times and ended up with a nurse.Im still upset how bad my birth was and am devastated how my experience was ruined. (a month ago)

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