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Snoqualmie Hospital Rehabilitation Clinic; Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Clinic - Primary Care; ... My husband was seen in the ER at the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital.

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in King County, WA.

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Zero..... I was told I was an alcoholic with a bladder infection cause I was brought in via ambulance from the mt.(I've never had one in 38yrs) All the time I had a ruptured bladder and almost died following the ER Dr instructions to drink lots of fluids and take antibiotics. Thank you Thurston county fire and rescue and St Peter hospital for keeping me alive. My kids excessively appreciate it... (5 months ago)

I write this review with permission from Margaret Shea. The following are her words: "To Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Staff: MD's, Nurses, CNA's, Clerical staff, PT's, OT's, ST's, Recreation Therapists, Social Workers, Kitchen and Cleaning staff: Thank you so much for the excellent care you gave my husband. You are a very caring and totally professional; so kind and patient. I have the greatest respect for your cheerfulness, helpfulness, understanding and compassion. Thank you for making his last hospitalization as pleasant as possible!" (3 months ago)

BIG fat zero. I took my brother here for a bad car accident and they wouldn't let me see him even when he told the doctor and nurse he wanted me back there for support. Gray haired old lady that's a nurse there named Debra very unreasonable, I went to the vending machine and she had security called on me because she said she wanted to make sure I didn't steal anything from the gift shop, very rude. When I asked Debra for her name she only would give me her first name and when i asked for her last name her answer was no super unprofessional and all in all I wanted to see my brother because he needed me back in the room and why they were refusing me to see him? The reason i will never know, i felt discriminated and disrespected to say the least, I would NOT recommend this hospital. (7 months ago)

Amazing, friendly staff. Quickest visit I've ever had. I had exceuciating ear pain and they were able to relieve it for me right away. (8 months ago)

I was in the ER for 6 hours with flank pain. my experience started with the nurse writing my chart on a paper towel ( not kidding) I had several test done including Blood Work, UA and 2 Ultra sounds. After my UA I was told that I was very hydrated. 15 minutes later they told me they were going to give me an IV (with no medication) I refused 3 time but they still stick the needle in my arm. The staff had little respect. when I was having the ultra sound I asked if the doctor could see anything and she told me that she couldn't say anything. At the end of the visit the doctor handed me a antibiotic and told me that a doctor would call in 3 days and let me know what was going on. I never heard back. A week later I called and asked for my results and I was told I need to come in and sign for the teat. I went back to the hospital and was handed labs. I asked if they could tell me what it means... no, but a doctor will call later today. Once again I never heard back form anyone. I was also told that I would have access to all charts online. 3 month later, there is still nothing there. I'm disappointed with the lack of communication and respect from this hospital. there is not much worse then thinking something is wrong with you, have testing done and never get a call back with answers. P.S. their cost for Ultra Sounds were 3x higher then the national average (8 months ago)

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