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Skagit Valley Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Skagit County, WA.

Skagit Valley Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Skagit Valley Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I have spent a few days here for a couple serious medical problems. I've stayed on the 3rd floor and also on the 2nd floor in critical care. They have always given this transsexual the best of care, with respect and friendliness. To the nurses aids, RN's, doctors, and technicians, I say I Love You. And the food here is stupendous! (a month ago)

0 stars. My dad has been hospitalized twice for severe infections in the last six months. He has a bad back in addition to the infection and is unable to walk. He has trouble getting to the bathroom and occasionally urinates on himself. The nurses were very rude and demeaning to him when this occurred. One nurse going so far as to throw his pants from home in the garbage because "nobody is going to want to touch that, its disgusting." This was just one of many incidents with the nursing staff. (2 weeks ago)

I went to do a stress test on treadmill, and I died about 10 minutes on treadmill. They took me to the ER and gave me CPR and brought me back to life after some time. They took me to the OSU unit and gave me a EKG and found out I had 2 blocked arteries of 98%. They was to put in 2 stints but I died again and they had trouble getting me back to life again. They were afraid of brain damage so they stopped and then put me in ICU for 4 days. I went back after 2 days at home and they tried the stint again but no luck so they ballooned me. I was there for 4 more days and had to be given 2 pints of blood. I thought all of the staff were very courteous and very pleasant. Even people in the halls were very pleasant and cordial. They were very informative of all my concerns. I felt well cared for and I would give them an A+ for their performance and knowledge. I would go again if ANYTHING happened to have to go to a hospital again. Thanks to the staff, mainly the nurses and doctors. (5 months ago)

This hospital is the worst hospital. They let Patients out of the hospital when they are not ready should have kept them longer. They should always have the best interest in doing the best for all their paicents it’s really sad they can let someone out when they are in need of the medical help. They never should have released the patient, you could clearly see they weren’t ready! I’m very disappointed in the health care providers at this hospital. I get more help with taking my Puppy to the veterinarian hospital. I pray they find the right medical staff that helps this hospital because they really need to help their Patients better. The doctors need to be more educated or something to give their patients the care they really need and deserve. The Patients that are stuck going to this hospital all of you are in my prayers. If you can help not to go to this hospital for any reason I would say you are better off going somewhere else because the care you receive at this hospital is horrible. You will find better care at a veterinarian hospital. So Skagit Hospital you need to really focus on making this a better place for all the patients because they count on the medical doctors here and they need to help their patients better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (5 months ago)

Went to the ER suspecting a broken wrist. Xrays performed told it was a bruise or sprain. No splint needed. Went to my ortho 2 days later. Yes it is broken. And it was a pretty obvious fracture. Good thing I put my own splint on as it could have made things much worse if I continued using it. $2,000 @ the ER that didn't need to be spent. And the upcoding on the ER visit was ridiculous! (2 months ago)

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