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Skagit Valley Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Skagit County, WA.

Skagit Valley Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Skagit Valley Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Got a misdiagnosis that almost cost me my complete leg. Got a second opinion from Providence hospital and immediatly went into surgery. Was a tramua patient and they looked me over with no test and discharged me. In reality I needed two surgeries. Also my case is LNI and they refused to bill LNI and instead are trying to bill me instead. This is the worst hospital I have ever been to. I would not recommend going here. Between malpractice and lawsuits and billing errors. (3 weeks ago)

Heartless people! My daughter is in the ICU and they acted like it was no big deal that she cant breathe on her own. I am 2 states away and aapparently that more reason to dismiss me (3 weeks ago)

I have spent a few days here for a couple serious medical problems. I've stayed on the 3rd floor and also on the 2nd floor in critical care. They have always given this transsexual the best of care, with respect and friendliness. To the nurses aids, RN's, doctors, and technicians, I say I Love You. And the food here is stupendous! (3 months ago)

0 stars. My dad has been hospitalized twice for severe infections in the last six months. He has a bad back in addition to the infection and is unable to walk. He has trouble getting to the bathroom and occasionally urinates on himself. The nurses were very rude and demeaning to him when this occurred. One nurse going so far as to throw his pants from home in the garbage because "nobody is going to want to touch that, its disgusting." This was just one of many incidents with the nursing staff. (2 months ago)

This hospital has seem to really go down hill. The ER receptionist area IS very unprofessional as is stated by others. You can hear them gossipping, playing on computer acting like they are doing something. I was in so much stomach pain when I came in, I barely could walk, but no one seemed to care,just tossed clipboard on counter without looking at me and told me I'll need to fill this out. However, when I got to ER the RN Jason was AMAZING. I felt like he was truly there for me. I got Dr. Roberts who seems a bit arrogant but otherwise ok with diagnosing. I was admitted up to room 3001 where a lady who barely spoke English wasnmy nurse. It was 4 am my husband had to go home to relieve babysitter, I am taken into my double set of double door room (isolation) incase some kind of flu or something? I was told I need remove all clothes so they could do a skin check for bed sores. Really. I felt scares, backed into a corner and violated. Was not told I have a right to decline.Still not sure if I did. So there I stood butt naked as they looked my body over. Said Everybody who gets admitted is now required to do this??ok. Took a hour for her to put my info in computer cause of the language barrier. She said I was not in computer, even tho I've lived here my entire life, been here many times and just was in the ER for ten hours.hmmmm. ok. Than I get my next nurse, Johnathon who is training another male.(im female) in a double door entry room, ( meaning you have to go threw two sets of doors) high as hell on Dilaudid, and again very uncomfortable! I tell him this. After I call nurse and told her. No more, men only. From than on, Johnathon would peak in my room aksing if he could ask me questions. Im like ugh yeah. Is it ok if it's just me as tour nurse? Do you not like me? It was the weirdest most ridiculous experience I've ever had at a hospital. My husband was bent later at all the things Johnathon did that day. Why would this hospital staff think it's ok for two men to go into a closed off room when it's 7 in morning with a young gal whose naked in a hospital gown So inappropriate. And his behavior was most inappropriate. Way more to this, but this hospital defiately does not take pride in who they hire. Very random. The CNA up there was amazing. I think Johnathon and her should switch name tags. (a month ago)

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