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Sisters of Charity Hospital is Buffalo's first hospital and is known for excellence in maternity care.

Sisters Of Charity Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Erie County, NY.

Sisters Of Charity Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Sisters Of Charity Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Worst hospital ever. On the verge of breaking my own arm to be seen. Have severe nerve damage and I’m low priority. Tried to kindly ask receptionist when lll be seen and she threatened to escort me with security. (3 weeks ago)

I delivered at sisters hospital with both my son's. I had the same nurse for delivery, nurse Shannen. She is so wonderful and treats you like she really truly cares. She even came up the next day to see us. Dr Weisner, Dr Blood and Dr Stritmatter delivered my son and were absolutely great as well. (3 months ago)

I went in on 1/8/2018 to have back surgery at 9am for surgery at 2pm. Everything went smooth until i got my room after recovery. Omg never will i go to that hosp again CHS needs to clean up their acts this is why we go no where but suburban. Room was private and the nurse made sure she said it. Well the bathroom is shared with the other room, the lady in that other room was in that bathroom opening my bathroom door and closing it i swear every 10 minutes man she musta had a bad bladder problem. I left there on 1/10/2018 my bedside table was filled with pop cans, straws, food that i did not eat, tissues and napkins. Trash was full. No one came in to clean my room in 2 1/2 days of being there. Dirty hosp. A women took the room across from me on 1/9/2018 and had a room full of ppl they were loud. I said to the nurse "what is this a party floor?" She laughed and said i will close ur door. Here i am teying to rest so i can get out of that dump and they hsving a party. Then the hosp new i did not have a walker to go home with as insurance had not approved it yet they did not even offer me one but i did not care i needed out of there befire i ended up with some infection i did not want. Food sucks!!! Nurses and aids where nice but the rest of the stay was not so nice. Clean up ur acts in their. (5 months ago)

I love this hospital. Idk why you people are saying it's a terrible hospital?? I had my daughter and son here. They are way better than children's hospital. At sister's they are educated on methadone and Nas babies. They are great nurses and doctors. Dr strittmatter is awesome and definitely knows what he is doing. If a mother is clean and only on maintainace programs they work with you and don't treat you like junkies. They that u with respect and is always nice no judging. They don't call CPS like every other hospital does. I just love the care and the NICU.. No judging and I appreciate that cuz as addicts we always get judged even if you are like me a recovering addict with a lot of clean time. I recommend this hospital to a lot of my friends and they loved sister's hospital as well. Thank you sister's hospital for all your great care and support.. (5 months ago)

My husband was referred by Dr. Keating to go into the hospital to be admitted through the ER 1.) To have his foot looked at(he was diabetic) and also to open his vein on the left side of his groin by Dr. Anain. My husband seem to be fine for a few days then he stopped eating and complainrd of being cold contantly no one looked as to why he was cold then a foot surgeon decided that my husband's big toe needed to be removed no one consulted me. I came to the hospital in the am and in the afternoon early but could not see or talk to the doctor. Only one nurse explained the bypass as best he could. The rest of the staff seemed like they didnt want to be bothered. Bottom line is that the evening before his death after his 2 episode's of trauma before my daughter an I left I stated if another episode or anything happens to call me right away! They didnt call. I call my husband's room no answer so I called the nurses station no answer. I panicked an called again an someone answered and told me they were taking him to the ICU. I said im on my way! I didnt get a chance to say anything to my husband again not even goodbye!! I cannot go back there my husband died of a cardiac arrest due to necrosis of the intestines and from what I have read about it he showed all the signs even when he threw up this weird looking stuff and he hadnt eaten,anything. Need better informed nurses. Sincerely (6 months ago)

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