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Singing River Health System is the community based, not-for-profit healthcare provider for Jackson County and surrounding areas. As one of the county's largest ...

Singing River Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Jackson County, MS.

Singing River Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Singing River Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Sister in law is in ER. I'm family and have been waiting over 3 hours to go back and be with her or find out information. EVERY PERSON IN THE ER HAS BEEN CALLED EXCEPT ME AND MY BROTHER. It's my brothers wife. No excuse for this. When my brother inquired as to why we couldnt go back they said they weren't allowed to open the door, only the nurse. I personally saw them open the door several times. My brother (being nervous and upset) got a little loud and they called security on him. Needless to say, as a punishment I guess, we are STILL waiting to see our family. The entire ER has been cleared out for a while now. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS. (4 weeks ago)

I just spent 18 days in SRHS (Pascagoula) , 4 days medical then moved to Skilled Nursing Facility for rehabilitation. My nurses were very nice and helpful, except one nurse was very rude. Don't expect any help during shift change. Nurses are too busy doing reports and exchanging gossip. If your gonna have heart attack, wait until 8 o'clock. SRHS bought beds that continuously moved which was supposed to prevent bed sores. My bed moved and made noises which made it hard to sleep,. On June 30 they moved me to Skilled Nursing Facility on 1st floor. The staff was extremely courteous and anxious to help. The physical therapist were great. Special thanks to Lee, Ashton, Ryan and Jennifer. The food was great and a good variety on the menu. I had the bed from hell. It was very old and made weird loud noises. I had to unplug it in order to sleep. When the air leaked out the middle of the bed sunk down to the metal. I had to stay close to the edge of the bed where there was cushion. Everyone that saw it said that I needed a better bed. Three days before my dicharge they brought a brand new bed that didn't have the moving, it was just a bed and I got the best sleep for two nights.. The nurses aides were exemely nice and helpful. Housekeeping shouldn't clean at 5 am. My room was very nice and when my niece came and stayed with me, they offered her a cot or recliner. Overall, I can't complain, they fixed me. I needed a Urologist and a Neurologist, but I only have Medicare, so neither showed up. I'm a disabled Vietnam Vet so I'll go to VA and get on the list to see the specialist. I'm expecting a 6 month wait. (in the last week)

Husband had successful surgery with Dr. Payne. Facility is clean; friendly staff; cafeteria has good variety of healthy choices, although pricey. Environment is freezing cold, so bring a jacket or blanket. (3 months ago)

Went in the morning of Feb 14th, 2018 under the watchful eye of Dr Burks and his professional team for surgery. Everything went well and as planned. I was treated very well. My room was clean and orderly and faculty was professional. I want to especially commend RN Kay, who was on duty as my nurse. She did an outstanding job making sure that I was as comfortable as possible and had my required meds when needed. I would also like to commend PCA Shea, who was also on duty that night. She was a very pleasant young lady. Took my vitals, yet did not interfear with my "dozing" on and off. She made me extremely happy when at 4: 30am asked if I needed anything, I asked for a cup of coffee and she took it upon her self to make a pot at the nurses lounge and bring me a cup. Again thank you ladies for feeling well taken care of. From my registration to pre-op to surgery I have no negative comments on the way that I was treated at Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula. 5 stars and a thumbs up rating from me. (5 months ago)

I went in because I had a sore swollen puss filled sack in my throat my room had some one else's used IV fluid bag with the lines and everything hooked up to the machine still when the guy came in to give me my antibiotics he asked me if I had any allergies I said dextromethoraphan he said "what is that a steroid" I looked at him like he was stupid and said no it is a cough suppressant it's the main ingredient in robitussin and every other over the counter medication he said "don't get Smart with me" in a very angry tone I don't think that someone administering drugs should get a basic drug like that wrong and when he came back in to give me my discharge paper I asked for some lidocaine for pain he said you had an antibiotic for pain and he had his work badge fliped over so i couldnt get his name what kind of morons do they have working there i wonder if he knows what acetaminophen is or does he think that's a steroid too (6 months ago)

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