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Sinai-Grace Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Wayne County, MI.

Sinai-Grace Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Sinai-Grace Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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The worst experience I've ever had with a hospital. .the gross unprofessional .staff starts with the ems..that brought my uncle to this awful place. ..then the stupid ignorant. Staff...where .were these people trained Dorsey? Its terrible horrible. Awful..I would never never. Never go here .Again...its third class. Treatment for people that should get first class treatment Im contacting .The state of Michigan. To report .How unprofessional .unethical .And terrible. This. Place is...warning do not go here .its a ghetto hospital ..staff has ghetto mentality . (3 weeks ago)

No one is helping my mom, we seen the doctor only twice yet have been here for hours on end and no one has told us anything; we had like 4 nurses in a super short span and there was a lady some hours ago yelling for for a nurse for some minutes, some hours ago and no one went to go see what was wrong right away, my mom asked me to go close the door so idk what happened after but I hope she got a nurse and that she's okay, I also hope that my mom is going to be okay too. :c (a week ago)

I came to the emergency complaing about lower right side pain and Dr Aluko-olukun Oluwatson doesn't know how to order the right test. Still had pain when I left and the test ordered was wrong so didn't show anything. A week later had to go to Beaumont and right away found the issue with an ultrasound. Don't think I will be back here for an emergency. And i would not like to be billed since the hospital messed up. (2 months ago)

This truly a terrible place to be admitted it. My grandmother was admitted last Sunday for shortness of breath I. Which they determined that she had suffered a heart attack due to two bad arteries. After four days of terrible food, nurses who don't know how to operate breathing machines (with the respiratory doctor said she should have been able to), and an attempt on during a procedure without notifying the family, they sent her home. Mind you, my grandfather had a procedure that required three stints, the Beamount on 13 mile kept him for several days afterwards to ensure everything was pumping properly and that he manage on his own without breathing equipment. So no less than eight hours after she was "cleared to leave" in the middle of the night, she suffered yet another horrible scare of short of breath and the EMS had to be called again. And because it was the. Closest hospital to them, she ended up back at Sinai Grace. They never did any test to ensure her blood pressure would rise. No mandatory walks around the facility to monitor how heart would handle the workload. Nothing. They just cleared her and sent her on her way. And couldn't even give her the inhaler that the doctor prescribed her in their own pharmacy. Some of the staff are capable and helpful. Others are just bad. But we aren't judged by our greatness and there are far too many people here that seem aloof. Also, my grandmother was terrified of sleeping after these two events and begged to have someone with her because she literally petrified at the thought of falling asleep and not waking up and they wouldn't allow a family member to stay. (I know the rules but where is the compassion?) If you have the option to transfer or relocate, do it. Otherwise I would recommend staying far away from this place. I heard the rumors about this place from friends and family. They were spot on the money. (5 months ago)

Let's just say this wouldn't be my first choice, save yourself the trouble and go to Providence just a few miles away. (a month ago)

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