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Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox, Illinois. The way you should be treated.

Silver Cross Hospital And Medical Centers is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Will County, IL.

Silver Cross Hospital And Medical Centers does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Silver Cross Hospital And Medical Centers is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Great experience from ER to my room. Doctors, nurses, and technicians were all professional and top notch. I would recommend the ER and any services they offer!!! Just stayed here again. May 2018. Heart went into A-Fib. The nurses and staff were are phenomenal!!! I can’t say enough how well I feel because of Sue, Amanda, Edelweiss, Katie etc... they took a very terrifying moment and turned into a pleasant and heart warming experience. I highly recommend this Ladies!!! (in the last week)

Reviewing and rating a hospital isn't nearly as easy as doing the same for say, a restaurant or store. That being said, Silver deserves 5stars. Having both of my children birthed there in the past 18mos was overall a great experience. The personnel we're almost all absolutely fantastic to interact with. All but maybe one nurse between the two births we had were helpful and courteous. Wait times are a part of going to the hospital regardless of what for, so to be upset about a few, or even 24hrs, of wait time on blood test results is absurd... Even when you're told it should only be four. The security, especially that of the maternity floor, blew me away. I was not expecting half of the steps needed to access my wife's room after hours. 10/10 would have another kid here no question. (4 weeks ago)

No education or assistance in being told what really to expect from a double mastectomy. No guidance on drains. No guidance or given some suggestions like getting a vest or drain holder. Doctors don't listen to what the patient needs or wants. I wanted flat and I did not get flat as far as post surgery. Next day kicked right out of hospital in a rush after double mastectomy. A cleaning person was in the room cleaning while I was laying there waiting to be discharged with the wrap around my chest in pain with my hubby looking on in disbelief like we were on candid camera. No respect to just wait. Big hurry. No testing for stage 1 breast cancer in a year as follow up as far as scans. Just feeling around to find lumps. HER2 positive with bilateral cancer incidence. I guess that it was too much of a good prognosis to worry about it coming back........ U of C Cancer center doctors are good but they are overloaded with patients because a physician left the practice. Too rushed or hurried to be taken care of properly. Had a panic attack at the physical therapy department and was discharged from physical therapy. No warning for that either. For a woman to be treated the way I was with bilateral breast cancer was a travesty considering this day and age. I don't care how new or beautiful this hospital is but they have a lot of work on checking their own shop before they profess to be the best care for women with breast cancer(Silver cross womens center)The hospital stated they have no control over the doctors when I complained but they do. Especially if the docs want to see these patients in their facility. Sanction is the word coming to mind or how about taking away privileges for 90 days. I really wish I videotaped every single thing because I know this sounds too far fetched to be true but figure I will try to save others any trouble. (in the last week)

Simple blood work requires two hour wait. Most inefficient system ever seen. Phoned in to ask for appointment to be told walk in and no appointment necessary. Second experience here and both poor in Outpatient. Staff nice but clearly system is broken and not working. All staff recognize its inefficiencies. Going elsewhere next time. (a month ago)

Just go elsewhere, unless it's affiliated with DuPage Medical. Emergency room wait was 6 hours and I was on the verge of having a seizure. Had blood samples taken to check my lithium levels so my psychiatrist can determine if I need a higher dose in order to control my mania. The lady that took my blood said she faxed the results. Nope. She didn't and I had to call to ask for them to actually fax it. This is a very crucial medication for my mental health, my psychiatrist needs the blood results, and here they (Silver Cross) are lying about what they're doing. Let's you know they care... (2 weeks ago)

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