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Siloam Springs Regional Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Benton County, AR.

Siloam Springs Regional Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Siloam Springs Regional Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I wish I didn't have to give it a one star. Stay away from this hospital at all cost. Even if I'm dying I'd rather they drive to Fayetteville. This is by far the most horrible hospital I have been to. The equipment doesn't work correctly, the nurses are rude. I have had experience a In the labor and delivery , er, and surgical unit. They are always wrong. The insurance people are cluess. This place is an all around failure!! (2 weeks ago)

First they stitched my daughter's cut when she also had cut tendons, then my husband asked how much we owe and they told us so we paid it in full, and now we are being sued by the stupid hospital saying we owe over 2,000 dollars I would not recommend anyone going to this hospital. Let alone moving to this town. It is sue happy. 2,000 for a few stitches I don't think so. From now on till we move out of this money hungry town we will be using a different hospital if needed. (a month ago)

Horrible hospital . rude staff. All they care about is your money and how you can pay. If you don't pay (because they didn't do their job) then they sue and garnish your wages. And then continue even after garnishment to call and harass you... Take my advise stay far away from here. (3 weeks ago)

I fell at work and busted my knee up pretty badly. Work took me to this place....NEVER AGAIN! They asked me my pain level which was an 8. "doctor" came to the door, not in the room but to the door, order an x-ray and some meds. The meds were two Tylenol, I'm not kidding! X-ray came back and nothing broken. Doctor again came to the door and told me nothing was broken and to go home and rest elevate ice....follow up with my pc next day. I go home in so much pain my husband took me to a different er. I had a torn mcl. Lots of pain meds and stuff. Doctor at Siloam did not even look at my knee but it was fine? Do not go there ever! (2 months ago)

I had a good experience having my third child at this hospital and taking my 3-year-old here when he broke his arm. The ER nurse gave him a teddy bear to hold while we waited for the orthopedic doctor to get out of surgery. Nice newer facility. Docked one star because my husband was given medication in the ER that caused a panic attack and the nurse was kind of patronizing trying to reassure him and talk him down like he was just reacting to a stressful situation. None of his attendants attributed it to the meds, we only found out later when a pharmacist was explaining side effects of the drug. But overall (despite that one incident) I feel very good about the quality of care we receive here. (5 months ago)

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