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Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital offers a wide range of medical services including heart care, ... Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital 155 Glasson Way, Grass Valley, CA 95945

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Nevada County, CA.

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Labor and delivery gets 5 stars. Emergency room is a really scary place to be though. I went there after I had a large ovarian cyst that burst, doctor told me I had an STD. I'm married by the way. Obviously I went to my obgyn the next day and he confirmed that it was the cyst that was causing pain and couldn't understand why an ER doctor would diagnose it as an STD. Flash forward 6 months, my brother went in with lung pain, they told him he smoked too much and discharged him. He went to Chapa De Indian Health Clinic 3 days later knowing something was wrong with him and they diagnosed him with influenza b after doing a throat swab. Auburn hospital is just a short drive away, and totally worth it to get good care. (2 months ago)

My sister died after a liver biopsy gone bad. Doctors misdiagnosis. They don't have property equipment for emergencies. It's a nightmare.outside of the ICU nurses. - they are rockstars (2 months ago)

Stars for the Doctor Rosch and Hanalaurie. Couldn't find ER. Had to hit emergency button in lot..rang 10 times so it's not an emergency button.. I was having a medical emergency...I finally found the ER door. As Security was coming out. Still not treating the pressing of the Blue Emergency Button in parking lot like an emergency. So as I walked in I told him pressing that emergency button sure didn't do any good. From there I met the Doc and he tried very hard to help get my acute spinal stenosis pain under control .. while there a male nurse came in to give me meds. I asked him if the gloves he put on were latex. In a very condescending manner told me latex wasn't used anymore at the hospital. I tried to explain to him that I have to ask because a doctor who cared for me four years used latex for a female exam.. He then says sarcastically that he's not there to give me an female exam. I told him to step out and find someone else to help me. I as in Xtreme agony and have severe PTSD. I wasn't doing well. Finally got me to a point where I could be discharged. But I was still weak and dizzy...Nurse took me to Exit and asked security to get me closer to my vehicle in a wheelchair. First words out of his mouth was" well we already had words. I don't know. OMG. I guess I hurt his white male feelings while having a medical emergency. So this triggers my ptsd and I leave the hospital emotionally distraught .. If security can't handle an emotional patient having a medical emergency. HES IN THE WRONG JOB. he had to make all about him and his fragile white male feelings. Who cares what happened to the patient that created this interaction. I'll drop dead before I ever step foot there again. And why you ask. Because of a security guard ... Thanks to the Doc and Nurse. But security needs to be retrained. Or find another job..I am a disabled citizen and as I was having a medical emergency and hurt a security guys feelings. I was calm and feeling better after getting treated and this rent a cop triggers my PTSD less than thirty seconds after being wheeled out the door. I then called the operator and she says at first that she got no call from the emergency station in parking lot. But as we talked she remembered hearing someone scream into it. I let her know that was me freaking out because I couldn't find ER... a lot of fails here..but they will be addressed starting at the top. Cause poop rolls downhill and I want solutions not excuses. These days its hard to find friendly compassionate hospital staff . Especially in ER. So maybe it's time to make some changes and remedy that.. (2 months ago)

Very depressing, I was born in there. Visited there many times (got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes there as well) the only was you get in fast from the ER is if you are almost dead, and if you are lucky you'll survive... Me and my brother were joking about my broken hand about putting a nail in it just to get in faster lmfao. Don't go here unless you are in a last ditch effort, doctor's and nurses are lazy rude asses that just want your money... (4 months ago)

I had 2 MRIs at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital in Grass Valley CA. Both times I was injured by the technician. Each occurrence happened several years apart. When I warned that it was too painful the previous time she did it again causing permanent bruising and disfigurement of my breast tissue causing the veins to come to the surface. I feel like my left side is on fire. (3 months ago)

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