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Shoals Hospital is committed to making our community better through our generous support and involvement with local organizations. Because requests are numerous, we ...

Shoals Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Colbert County, AL.

Shoals Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Shoals Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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1) My husband was dying of cirrhosis January, 2015. He was in ICU. A nurse frowned at me and told me I just needed to go back to ICU waiting room b/c I was covering my husband with a blanket when he said he was cold & the next minute, he said he was hot, so I took the blanket off of him. I was just trying to help him. 2) On May 4, 2018, I took my friend S to Shoals Hospital ER with a kidney stone attack. Nurse "Christie" was always very short-tempered and short with her answers if we asked her a question. S asked for a blanket and Christie threw it on the bed. S was in MAJOR, MAJOR pain & I ended up putting blanket around her shoulders, as Nurse Christie would not do so. S had been given strong, strong pain med and was "woozy" and Nurse Christie did not bother to even put the BED RAILS UP so S could not fall out of bed. When I picked S up outside hospital in my car & Nurse Christie rolled S out to car in wheelchair, S had to lift herself up out of chair and grab onto my car and get in by herself......Nurse Christie, once S's butt was out of wheelchair, turned chair & was already @ hospital ER door entrance without even seeing if S got in car safely. S used to work in ER as EMT (and earlier, on ambulance as EMT)....So she still is in touch w/ a nurse who works in ER. This nurse, M....Says Nurse Christie has been written up MANY, MANY TIMES but never FIRED.......For her evil, ill treatment of patients. Time to say BYE, BYE FELICIA! to NURSE CHRISTIE.....You sorry excuse for a nurse and human, you!!!!! 3) I will say, when I took S back re: her kidney stone pain Sunday afternoon (5/6/18) that Laura (?? I think was her name) was a very sweet, attending, caring & compassionate nurse. And so was the one who followed her on the next shift. (2 weeks ago)

I've NEVER HAD NOT ONE BAD Experience with this group of X-ray Tech nor staff !! I've been using them now over15 years and plan on AlwayA continuing too !! They have worked me in in cases where they had too ! They bent over backwards to help me when needed too !! Very friendly fast n on top of what they do !! Yes at times the Pain was so GREAT I THOUGHT LORD PLEASE CAN THEY .... AFTERWARDS I WOULD REALIZE WHAT THEY DID IT WAS ME ....NOT TGTH !! I HAD TO USE TGET JUST THIS PAST CHRISTMAS WHEN I FELL AND BROKE MY HIP/LEG IN THE JOINT RIGHT BEFORE THAT COUPLE MONTHS IN ER WITH MAJOR PAIN IN LEFT SIDE THEY LOCQTLO A CYST THAT I HAD HAD SINCE BIRTH THAT HAD BEEN MISSED FOR SO MANY YEARS LIKE 56 PTL IT WAS NOT CANCER !! I HIGHLY I Recommend THE ENTIRE SHOALS HOSPITAL PACKAGE !! LOVE THESE FOLKS N GREATFUL TO HAVE THEM (a week ago)

Honestly If I could put no stars I definitely would. This hospital is so unprofessional and uncaring to any ER patients. After 2 visits this week and one by ambulance I refuse to ever use this hospital again. The nurse I had the first time was amazing and so caring but the second nurse acted and treated me as if she cared more about getting me out of there then tending to me. Then she argues with me as I am in extreme pain over a doctor excuse which I asked for the first time I was there and never got. I care about my health and if you do please consider another hospital before going to this place. (4 months ago)

My daughter was in pain with kidney stones for over 2 hours before she was seen and then had mutiple tests but, her pain was still untreated at the 4 1/2 hour mark. Staff is rude and unhelpful. My daughter has a very rare health condition and any illness can cause problems and yet still no answers or relief. I can't stand to see my child cry in pain for HOURS. These people should be ashamed. (5 months ago)

Unfortunately I had my gallbladder surgery here Monday. I only chose this awful hospital because BCBS will pay me $250 to have my gallbladder removed at this place and since I needed to have it removed why pass up $250. Like everyone else I did NOT have a pleasant stay. Everything and everyone seemed so unorganized and detached. I drove myself to the surgery and naturally they would not let me drive myself home so the supervisor contacted my surgeon and he ended up admitting me overnight due to nausea. After I came out of surgery I was given Norco and Morphine at the same time and then they transferred me to the fourth floor. They would not let me take my 50mg prednisone I have been on even though the anesthesiologist gave me permission to take it. I brought the medication with me and ended up taking it anyway. My first nurse Linda was OK and she came in and told me she was there to give me percocet which I did not know the doctor wanted me to take but I took it anyway. That was around 530ish or 6pm. Hours later around 1130ish and it was wearing off my overnight nurse came in and I let her know I was ready for my morphine and norco and that I was ready to go to sleep. So she says OK I will give you the norco and it will take 30 mins to kick in and then you'll have to wait for the morphine. Fair enough even though I told her that's not how they administered it to me upstairs. Well 30 mins pass and she came back and I asked if I could have my morphine and she said no I can only give it to you every 2 or 3 hours. That was not what she said 30 mins prior so I said you mean I have to wait till 3am and she said yes. Ok 3am came and she comes and I asked again for my morphine. Mind you I was in severe pain and it hurt to move, get up, walk, etc. Basically felt like a chainsaw grinded my insides. Again she refused to give me the morphine and said she could only give it to me every 4 hours. At that point I called her out on it and said that is not what you said and you said every 2-3 hours. She kept saying no she didn't say that and I said I remember your exact words and you said 2 or 3 hours and at 3am. She then looks up and says "I might have said that" and she said since I am being discharged with pain meds they don't like to give shots only pills. What??? What does my discharge meds have to do with meds the doctor specifically ordered for me to take in the hospital? So finally I said look what is the problem I just had surgery and I am in pain can you please give me my morphine. So she says OK, leaves for 2-3 mins, and comes back and says good news I can give you morphine or toradol. She proceeds to try and explain what toradol is and and I stopped her and said I know what toradol is and that is not what they have been giving me and is not what I asked you for. Can you please give me my morphine. She finally says yes and goes to get it and when she comes back she seemed annoyed. That nurse Sharon Hendrix refused multiple times to give me the pain medication the doctor ordered for me. A nurse does not have that right or authority to go against doctor's wishes like that. I just had my gallbladder removed for crying out loud and this is how I was treated. Not only that but she even tried to get me to leave the hospital at 3am. She kept saying "you know you are discharged and can leave anytime you want". Mind you 3 hours prior she gave me a Norco which was still in my system so basically had I left it would be considered a DUI if I was pulled over. She automatically labeled me a drug seeker and deliberately denied me pain medication. This was a last minute surgery I had to have even though I did not want to. Also if you page a nurse it takes them like 30 mins just to check on you and you'll have to page them twice. No one seems to know anything etc etc. I will NEVER go back to this place. I will be filing a complaint with the nursing board though I doubt they will do anything. (5 months ago)

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