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For 65 years, Shenandoah Memorial Hospital, a part of Valley Health, has been bringing local communities together with the care they need. Our Woodstock hospital is a ...

Shenandoah Memorial Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Shenandoah County, VA.

Shenandoah Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Shenandoah Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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All the people at the ER and the rooms are wonderful and spot on with there jobs. The security staff are great too. Caring for a impatient person like me last night. They staff remembers how I was thinking and how I apologize. They are just trying to earn a living. Without nurses and Drs the world won’t turn. Take care. (4 months ago)

I am surprised by some of the reviews on here. We moved here after many years in Northern VA meaning busy hospitals with very long waits and at times employees whose command of the English language could leave a bit to be desired. I spend a week here and received nothing but excellent care. Heck, even the cleaning staff visited every morning and left a freshly cut Rose. I learned all patients received this treatment so it turns out I was not extra special. The food left a bit to be desired but the staff was very friendly. I did have a restricted diet so this was part of the problem with the food. Yes, I'd rather go to Winchester for something very serious but I believe the staff here at Shenandoah realizes this is best anyway. (4 months ago)

Agree with patient that said "bandaid station". This place sucks and the people who work here are worse. Been here several times and bad experience every time. Here with my wife now (who is in tears), tried to explain how bad she is and they didn't even respond, just started talking about having only one cup of coffee. They should fire everyone and burn this place down. I could write all day about my horrible experiences, but I'm not. (3 months ago)

I brought my mother here. The surroundings are beautiful as was the hospital interior. The receptionist was pleasant and helpful. She was then seen by the triage nurse who asked a lot of medical history questions and took her vital signs. This was all done quick and efficiently. This manager nurse took us to an emergency side room. This nurse wasn't sure if the room was cleaned or not so proceeded to wash the bed down anyway, which being a nurse I would have done not being sure if it was done and just as quick to do it than run around trying to find out if it was done. Next the nurse assigned to the room came in, and nurse manager left. My mother was there for fluid in her lungs. My mother was a nurse as was I, and our community home nurse advised we go to the hospital. I was very aware of my mothers vitals for the last 2 weeks as I was visiting and don't get to see her often. This nurse began to ask allc the questions the first one had already asked as she typed into computer. I said this and she told me well they never transfered over. My mother could hardly talk she was so exhausted ( a definate sign of her poor condition) the nurse continued on and I again asked the relevance of asking all this again as we had already answered. She wasn't pleased but she and the nurse manager she called finally got the answers up on her computer. She took my mothers blood and left the room. My mother also has a condition called trigeminal neuralgia ( also known as suicide disease)in her face and if she doesn't take the tegretol 4 times a day at the right time she is struck by the pain in the nerve in her face. There was no water and my mother asked me to get some, our room nurse had her lunch spread out on the desk but I needed the water so I asked where I could get it. She took the jug and filled it for me bur I felt very uncomfortable interrupting her lunch. At her desk? Germs etc. The home nurse who sent us to the hospital in the first place told me she heard rales on both side of my mothers lungs when I asked. This hospital nurse when I told her that said I only heard them on the left side. The doctor assigned to my mother was very efficient, when I asked him about what he heard he said he heard them on both sides as well. After xray my mother was given iv lasix and the nurse assigned came in to give it, chewing either gum or food the whole time it was discusting to look at and not one bit professional. When we were allowed to leave both the nurse and aid who came in were both chewing gum. If you worried about infection or really unwell this is not the place to go. (6 months ago)

Showed up late after an incident left me with a couple fractured ribs. Everyone we dealt with (front desk, nurses, the doctor, x-ray techs) was great. They were all polite and genuine and they did their best to get me the help I needed quickly on what seemed like a busy night. (10 months ago)

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